Three Digimon Games go gold (free stickers)

Namco sent out an announcement about three Digimon games going gold, and you may think so what? Free stickers, that's what! Digimon World Data Squad for PlayStation 2 and Digimon World Dawn / Digimon World Dusk for Nintendo DS will be in stores on September 18 along with…a sheet of exclusive stickers!

So, in addition to looking cool by walking around looking for other friends (read: other nerds) through the Nintendo Wi-Fi connect for these parallel titles or staying at home with the cel-shaded PS2 RPG, you can look really cool by placing Digimon stickers all over your clothes and body.

The company's less sarcastic description of the games is on Gaming Target.

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SwiderMan4058d ago

It may not be the hottest story, but its super sarcastic tone makes it so n4g-worthy.