Beyond Good and Evil spotted on XBLA

Msxbox-world has posted an image which suggests Ubisofts overlooked action adventure game is heading to the XBLA and PSN.

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gillri3036d ago

wow would get this day one if it came out

Yi-Long3036d ago

.... same for me. Was still wondering if I should be buying a 2nd hand Xbox original, but all this time I was hoping for the game to just appear on XBLA (or PSN). :) Can't wait to finally try out this game.

thereapersson3036d ago

I'll buy it, no questions asked. One of the best games ever made, IMO.

fossilfern3036d ago

i agree thereapersson and is also one of the most over looked game

Lucreto3036d ago

Would this count of confirmation of PS2 games coming to the PS3 store?

Snoogins3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Backwards compatability should return to the PS3 via software emulation, just as Sony should recognize the demand for purchasing PS2 classics from the PS Store instead of waiting for developers to work on HD collections (though I will still most likely purchase these enhanced versions just as I did GOW and shall with Sly).

Is this a sign PS2 Classics are coming to the PS Store? I don't think so. Most likely this, as well as the XBLA version, would be slightly reprogrammed releases compatible with their respective consoles.

mastiffchild3036d ago

I would imagine the full scale launch of PS2 classics will happen in line with a dual stick PSP2 as I think the library of PS2 games can be Sony's biggest ace in the hole for next handheld. I can't be playing a load of PS2 games on PS33 where I already have a backlog(have a BC 60gig so could easily do so if I wished any way and never do)of it's own games waiting but on he go would be an amazing way to catch up on the few gems I might not have finished and I think a lot of people would feel the same way about raiding the best console games library in existence in a way that didn't impact on their current gen home gaming.

Having said that BG&E is one of the games from last generation that I never got round to completing(dogue scratched it to bits)so even if this gets released without any shiny HD sheen or extra content I'd be interested in finishing Jade's first tale. Also with news of the second game only starting to surface again recently it would be wise for Ubi to make the first widely available and work up some bigger demand for the sequel.

a08andan3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Definitely approving this without much thought. I own the original for playstation 2 and it is a great game.

Acquiescence3036d ago

I suppose it's a good opportunity for anyone who missed it first time around to discover it though.

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