PlayStationLeague Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

PlayStationLeague writes:
Tiger Woods 11 provides 17 real-life courses available for play through the games many options including PGA Tour Season, traditional game modes or various online challenges. This year’s edition of the game becomes the first to feature the Ryder Cup tournament and will also be the first in the series to support the Playstation Move controllers.

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btk3010d ago

Any good golfing game with many good courses that support Move is going to be a hit. Add in some training modes, career mode - Day 1 buy for me.

bostoner3009d ago

I hope the move can't pick up my slice! It's real bad. But about the writer saying GameFace feature was far from realistic. It's true sometimes, because of low lighting or not getting a perfect angle on the picture, it can give you ridiculous looking results. But If you mess around with it a bit you'll be surprised how good it looks. The only problem is that the way it translates the information off the website and the differences in the hair present in the game being played. It changes a little from the web to in game. But it's still worth it if you play a lot of EA games and always create a pro character to you own likeness.