Google Video robs customers of the videos they "own"

As we see more and more content being made available on both the ps3 and 360 that makes use of various forms of DRM, it's important to keep an eye on how other companies, and of course of the content providers, are doing business. We as consumers need to be aware of what we may give up in the future when we allow DRM to be a part of what we purchase today.

As a valued Google user, we're contacting you with some important information about the videos you've purchased or rented from Google Video. In an effort to improve all Google services, we will no longer offer the ability to buy or rent videos for download from Google Video, ending the DTO/DTR (download-to-own/rent) program. This change will be effective August 15, 2007.
To fully account for the video purchases you made before July 18, 2007, we are providing you with a Google Checkout bonus for $5.00. Your bonus expires in 60 days, and you can use it at the stores listed here: The minimum purchase amount must be equal to or greater than your bonus amount, before shipping and tax.
After August 15, 2007, you will no longer be able to view your purchased or rented videos.
If you have further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your continued support.

The Google Video Team"

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Crazyglues3870d ago

wow that sucks for the people who actually bought video content from google.

Me personally, I could never really see the value in paying for flash content that was not even HD quality.

XxZxX3870d ago

Google's video service: Now Bend Over!!
Google's video customer: UH OHHHHHH....

bym051d3870d ago

And Google doesn't even have the courtesy of lubing up with a 3 year warranty. ;)

Easy people, it's a joke.

MrTeenie3870d ago

Thats real cheap of google... kinda shocked they'd do that.

mccomber3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

they reneged on that whole "do no evil" idea they had. this definiltely makes me second guess the idea of DLC from both Sony and MS though, let alone any other companies. Hell, it makes the technology included with both BluRay and HDDVD a bit sketchy as well.

I thought this was pretty scary/interesting because it's the first instance I know of where a company has used DRM to change a consumer's usage rights after the original transaction was completed. Anyone know of other examples?