Gamescom: Another Halo Reach Forge World Map Possible

Folks at Gamescom explained that after the camera, video taping the Halo Reach Campaign, turned off, Brian Jarrard continued to play Halo Reach and speak to the audience.He then told everyone that another Forge World map will be revealed.

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SixZeroFour2915d ago

wow...if thats true, thats amazing

i was assuming when reading the title that he meant "another forgeworld map wasnt out of the question" and in my mind i thought "of course not, but it will be dlc and not with shipped game" but apparently my original thought is incorrect

Independent_Charles2915d ago

i cant wait for this to ship stright into my living room. lol and i cant wait to play !!!TOWER POWER!!!

QuantumWake2914d ago

I'm really looking forward to go play Tower of Power again. Those were some of the best times I've had with Halo 2. :)

Anyways, it would be pretty cool to see more Forge World maps. Just like KRUSSIDULL said, I'd like to see some snow and desert type Forge World maps.

Just 24 more days! Bring it on Bungie!

Cheers! :D

Wizziokid2915d ago

well we will find out today if it is true, but it would be good for them to add another forge world with different climates so people could make different climate levels.


They have grass/hills landscape now they just need snow and deserts.

el zorro2914d ago

This would be awesome news. Forge World is already amazing.

hellraiserpop2914d ago

But what would they call it? "Another Forge World"?

Mista T2914d ago

Forge World II, I expect it to be in the first map pack released

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