Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Weather System Unveiled

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 comes with a weather system, that includes thunderstorms and rain simulation.

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Quagmire2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Others may be buying GT5, and I respect that, however personally, I cant wait for this game, its gonna be HELLA fun. I dont like realism in games, which is why I find Gran Turismo games to be boring (again personal opinion, dont hate), however this looks to be an action packed thrill ride arcade racer, which I prefer over sims.

Limited Edit FTW!

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Krugsy2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Thats fair enough, they're both very different beasts, and I know many others who prefer the arcade racers over the sims like GT5. I personally would be getting GT5, mainly because I just cant enjoy open world racers, I love track racing. But hopefully, wallet permitting, ill pick up NFS later down the line.

@Major Jack Hoff
Maybe its because of the way you present your opinion? I mean, calling everyone fa**ots doesn't help your cause.

hmmmm2977d ago

I agree very muchly!

I personally hate realistic driving games. Thats why my favourite racing game ever is Ralisport Challenge 2! It was so much fun doing the impossible power slides around every corner as fast as you could. I just wish they would have made it backwards compatible as my original xbox's controllers crapped out on me and im too lazy to buy more...

Redempteur2977d ago

Well it's not a crime to not like gran turismo ...simulator are boring to some , that's why we have arcade games like need for speed
the problem is that this year both seems incredibly cool and i might just take both ...

@Major Jack Hoff
let's see "fanboy"(twice) ,"faggots" ... no wonder you have one's called communication skills and you seems to lack them ...

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CaptainPunch2977d ago

I'll be getting it first day, can't wait! I loved Burnout Paradise, so I have high hopes.

ndibu2977d ago

You can't say you don't like a certain game around here without the people of a certain defence force gunning down on you.
Always have to treat them with kid gloves or they'll unleash a rage like no other upon your sorry behind.
This even extends to liking a different game more than their chosen game. Eg, I like Forza 3 more than I do any other racing game. This is clearly my opinion, however it will get me disagrees and debubbling, it is ridiculous.
Back on topic, Hot Pursuit was always my favourite NFS, loved that Elnino car they had

S_C2977d ago

Shall be getting both GT5 and NFS:HP both looks brilliant games

Whackedorange2977d ago

Will get both on release, need to takes breaks from the sim now and then and what is more suitable to do it with a arcade racer with cops chasing, i just hope Criterion can magically get back to what made Hot Pursuit such a classic.

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