How Good is Sony’s PS3 Move Against Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect?

If you want more excitement that Zumba Fitness or petting a few animals in on a private island via the Kinect, Sony’s Move should be your weapon of choice and with good reason too.

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DA_SHREDDER3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

I believe that Sony has almost perfected motion controls with our current technology thats out. Its all about precision, then on to working and take it further with new dimensions of gameplay. Virtual can only be the next step.

Apolloeye3036d ago

If you combine motion controls, with 3D and then use head tracking to simulate holographics you have the ultimate game immersion, and it's all in the pipeline!

nickjkl3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

but people wont realize it until 4 years down the road because they hate everything playstaion

ore just waiting for it to prove its worth me personall y playstation move is a good motion control but its not for me

sikbeta3036d ago

Sony go far ahead of motion-controls, like they showed with EyePet, they want Augmented Reality and the best way to deliver is with PlayStation Move + 3D

ChickeyCantor3036d ago

"If you combine motion controls, with 3D and then use head tracking to simulate holographics you have the ultimate game immersion, and it's all in the pipeline!"

what happened to
"When i get home from work i don't want to flail like a retard"
"I'm lazy and like to sit back and play with a 'REAAAL' controller".

so and on...
What happened to the bandwagon that was 2006/2007/2008

lelo2play3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )


Bubbles for speaking the truth. I still remember the comments against the Wii a few years back. LOL... fanboys have small minds.

iPlayGamez3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

bubbles up. Man atleast someone actually speaks the truth. before E3 2009 everybody was like motion controls is dumb its for kids. and they didnt say that because wii wasnt accurate enough because wii had shown wii motion + a year before that. i have a wii and ps3 and im not buying in to the hype of move because i know core games work better with a normal controller. why is everybody who never played with move is calling it the best. o it has real 1:1 controls. anybody who has played with wii motion+ (with the right game) knows it is 1:1 also, you do have to recalibrate it every 20mins which sucks ass. but the whole calibrating thing wasnt even a problem til it released to the public, how can you guys be so certain ps move is so perfect. same thing was said about motion+ and we all know it is not perfect although it is accurate. the people who demo and review move and motion+ just tell people what they want to hear.

EDIT: the big move native game is Socery? you guys honestly like that game. i mean for
1 - its the most generic setting and design i have seen in a videogame in a long time
2 - it has gimicky motion controls. what i mean is i love FPS games with motion controls for aiming but i hate games that have lame gestures. in sorcery you pretend to pour and mix your own potion and drink it out your Move controller WTH thats lame
3 - why r u saying it is for the hardcore game audience. its a generic fantasy with uninventive looking gameplay. you just wave a wond around and i know you can mix spells and all that but come on how deep can a game get with only waving a wand to use spells

MartinGlow3036d ago

Yeah no kidding.

Damn hypocrites.

Mini Mario3035d ago

"so and on...
What happened to the bandwagon that was 2006/2007/2008"

That'ts because they all left on the Hypocritic Train, full steam ahead!

It's a bit of a joke really lol

hatchimatchi3035d ago


I'm still on the fence about the move because I'm not a huge fan of motion controls, but you gotta admit that the tech demos are really cool. If developers are able to bring accurate usage of 3d space to a game, it could mean great things. I agree that there are lots of hypocrites coming out of the woodwork but motion control fans should be happy with what the move is capable of doing. If they aren't, all that means is that they're fans of motion controls when nintendo implements them, and no one else.

ChickeyCantor3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Don't get me wrong, i'm interested in move.
But the poor mentality these people have is "Well shameful".
Its the sheep indoctrinated that rapes the gaming community, and there is no need for that.

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lelo2play3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

the question should be...
What do Sony’s PS3 Move, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect have in common?

They are all crap. Still not interested in any of them.

8-bit3036d ago

I am only interested in the one that works for the games I already planned on buying..

GT5, LBP2, Killzone 3, Ruse, MAG, Socom

0mega43036d ago

it shows how different the world views ps3 versus how the us views the xbox

as even though every thing coming out of gamescom was not good about kinect
e3 they could not stop praising the hardware

i guess thats what happens when you offer free xbox's to the press to create a media bias

Biggest3036d ago

I really doubt the free Xbox from E3 is still lingering. People praise the "hardware" because they believe a lot of what Microsoft tells them about it. But there is a reason you won't see Kinect-like cameras doing any of the high tech recording for movies or network television.

Omega43036d ago

"it shows how different GERMANY views ps3 versus how the us views the xbox" fixed.

And everyone who has played Kinect says its fun, maybe not 1:1, but fun. And that whats makes a videogame sell fun and enjoyment, hence the reason the Wii was such a hit.

fooltheman3036d ago

germany is on off the main countries they use to evaluate how trends going...
So Omega4, from research you can say that germany does show what western europ thinks.

MaximusPrime3036d ago

Germany is part of Europe. Europe loves PS3.

outrageous3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

M$ will sell all the Kinects they can make. They have the right price and games to take on the industry leader, the Nintendo Wii. M$ really planned their launch out by offering a game to every segment of the Nintendo Wii demographic. Ubisoft Your Shape is far superior to the mega selling Wii Fit, MTV's Dance Central impresses everyone who tries it and looks like the best dance game out this year. Kinectanimals is as cute as the mega selling Nintendogs. Kinectsports and Kinectadventures will make great party games and now you are seeing games like Sonic, Harry Potter and Uncaged Fighter popping up just in time for the Holiday launch.

Sony will be ok...there demographic is already very casual. The PS3 gamers will buy Sony Move and support the system so Sony should have/see a good sales increase this holiday. There big problem comes when you go outside there fan base and try to convince the Wii gamers to come on over. On one hand, the Move is a complete rip off of the Wii so they understand the mechanics of it. On the other hand, if your starting from scratch and buying a PS3 and Move bundle, $399 is far too expensive, add another controller and game and your in the $500 range and with the line up of games they have...I doubt any " new " gamer looking to jump in would seriously consider Sony. Add all the 3DTv and glasses to the whole thing and it would cost $3500-5000 to game the way Sony wants you too this holiday and beyond.

The Nintendo Wii is the cheapest system. I have a Wii and there is nothing wrong with the system and works incredibly well. The problem is in the games and definitely get what you pay for with the Wii. Rumors of a $150 Wii bundle persist...still too much if you ask me. $89.99 would be about

ArchangelMike3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Right now, in terms of the range of 'fun' games available, it's not Kinect! In fact, if we're talking purely from a software perspective - Kinect offers the least amount of fun for you dollar!

@outrageous (I smell and alt account) anyways, your logic is flawed and one-sided. If you want to compare entry costs - compare them for both/all systems. BTW Since when do you add the cost of the TV? Your desperation is obvious.

The simple fact is sony have better tech, their core install base is in support of the tech, and they have agreat line up of games.

M$ have poor tech, their core base is unconvinced with the tech, and they have a poor line up of games.

What makes you think the casual crowd will run to Kinect over Move, like you said - they already have a wii which is cheaper than Kinect (let alone a 360 + Kinect)!

Facts, facts, and more facts!

outrageous3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

C'mon now...what does Sony have???. It's only August and all they show is 3D this and that and sometime in the future we will have something good to I have a PS3 and a Wii. There is nothing coming out on PS3 I will/would buy other than LBP 2. I haven't bought a thing on PS3 all year. Mag, HR,'re all rentals. All the multi-plats look and play better on 360.

M$ has poor tech...LMFAO. Really...what is move? It's a glorified Wii. Your in denial like all PS3 fanboys. Gamers can see what through it. What does move have at launch, games like this...

Or maybe this...

See any problems with this tech. How about needing 2 controllers to play...what happens when 2 players want to play. How much will that cost? Sure, you can use one MOVE controller and a regular PS3 controller in the other hand...right...O_o...The tracking doesn't look that great to me...besides the game looking like any other fighting game out there.

Kinect has full body motion and tracking. Far more advanced than anything out there...enlighten yourself...

Now, its only a year old unlike the 5 year old Wii/Sony Move tech but you are already seeing some great this Kinect exclusive fighting game, coming out in November...

And this...Dance game...

People ( competition ) crying about sitting Peter Molyneux is on the job...

C'mon now Mike...reading glowing balls at the end of a stick is in no way going to compete with Kinect.

BTW Mike, ever here of a guy named Johnny should of. Sony robbed this guys ideas for Move, years ago...take a look.

Johnny has many videos, take some time to check them out. Kinect is capable of all that and more...there's the facts mikey.

Oh and Here's why every kid who see's Kinect in action will want one...Mikey and skittles together at last...

iPlayGamez3036d ago

i do agree that games are about fun but if the game has shallow motion controls it dies quick. Also i think the 4 player splitscreen will be funner than the 2 player kinect game. i think that even people who dislike what they have seen with kinect (like me) wont deny that it will be fun to play it with other people for a hour or so. but what happens next? it gets old, none of the games even look remotely good for a single player game, and if you payed a 150$ for the kinect and other games at 50$ a peice only to be able to enjoy for a couple hours only while playing with another person it just seems like a HUGE WASTE of money to me.

all the people who played kinect only played it for for short intervals, and as a person who own a wii i know that motion control casual games while still fun to play gets old quick. some motion control games can have depth but i dont see how kinect can have depth especcial from what was shown so far

btk3036d ago

Omega4 again. Trying to tell us why more expensive less accurate and laggy is better.

Everyone who has played Kinect says it is fun? Wow buddy - which reviews have you been reading. Most positive Kinect reviews either wildly spin BS, or try to be apologetic why they "enjoyed" the laggy inaccurate game - with the footnote that is not finished titles.

So maybe - if they make Move less accurate you will enjoy it more? Can see the Eurogamer reviews - deduct points for Move titles because it is too accurate and have no lag.

jneul3034d ago

lol at gamescom move won the best hardware over kinect, are any alarm bells ringing yet omega, kinect is flawed, now deal with it

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gamingisnotacrime3036d ago

US media loving MS is like Japan loving Sony. Is all about the home advantage and promoting the jobs within homeland.
Kinect is a joke, if it were not for the uncoditional love MS gets from US media, the kinect would have been cancelled or something

Denethor_II3036d ago

I'm sure SCEA has plenty of jobs.

Nitrowolf23036d ago

move has better precision then Wii mote
Move proves that it works compared to Kinect

CobraKai3036d ago

Yeah I feel that Move has ALL the strengths of Kinect and Wii and NONE of their weaknesses. It's the best of both.

btk3036d ago

You seem really annoyed that Move is coming out on type despite all of Greenberg's spinning and PR of Kinect "potential".

And if you have not noticed - Move have been demoed and played live by many at the various conferences - and the response from reviewers have so far been very clear that it is the most accurate motion controller for any console.

iPlayGamez3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

its getting annoying seeing people keep saying move is more precise than. i know for a fact that you havent played with wii motion+. it is 1:1 how can you have more precision than 1:1? yes the wii have to be recalibrated every 30mins or so to stay 1:1 but nobody even knew that before it released cause reviewers didnt want to say anything bad about it and people could not tell from a 10min demo that the 1:1 fades away after half an hour, point is how can you blindly believe Move is 100% 1:1 controls with out ever playing it. cause sony says so?

and im not being a wii fanboy cause i like PS3 ALOT BETTER than i like my Wii, i think PS3 is the best consol this gen IMO. but i just hate the blind followers just claiming "the PS Move is better than the crappy wii" without even playing wii. ofcouse people like you will say they own a wii and say motion+ is no where near 1:1 controls cause that is what you like to believe, but every wii owner know people that are fanboys

EDIT: just look at CobraKai. He believes move has NONE of the weaknesses of wii or kinnect. He thinks the Move is perfect without even playing it, my point is proven

hatchimatchi3035d ago

The thing with motion plus is that it works with what, 2 games is all I know of.

Wii Sports Resort & Red Steel 2.

I'm sure motion plus is good but it should have come with the wii. All it's done now is divided the user base and sadly, there hasn't been much of a division because there are so few games that use the 1:1 technology.

I'm not overly excited for PS Move, it looks really cool and capable but I'm not a fan of motion controls. The reason why people are excited for move is because Sony has shown that they aren't entirely focused on catering to a casual audience. Ever since the Wii was released all we've heard from the Nintendo fanboys is how inaccurate dual analog controllers are for FPS games and how superior the wiimote is. Well Sony creates a motion controller that can do things that the wiimote hasn't done but now it's viewed as a bad thing. Why? Because fanboys are only happy when something is exclusive to their console of choice. Gamers who actually prefer motion controls have every reason to be excited for PS Move. Sony has already proven that the tech is more than capable. All that's left is for developers to put it to good use.

dkgshiz3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

Heres the awards
Best of Gamescom: Gran Turismo 5 (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Best Hardware Accessories: PlayStation Move (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Best Console Game: Gran Turismo 5 (Sony Computer Entertainment)
Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Super Scribblenauts (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Best Online Game: Guild Wars 2 (NCsoft)
Best PC Game: Crysis 2 (EA/Crytek)
Best Family Entertainment: Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Nintendo)

Yeah, GT5 dominated the awards.

GeoramA3036d ago

Move's coming out party definitely happened at Gamescom. Same thing happened to Heavy Rain last year, just turned people's opinions completely around.

With less than a month til launch now, things couldn't have gone better for Move.

gamingisnotacrime3036d ago

the thing is very very accurate, it has plenty of core gaming support, and even technical masterpieces like KZ3.
The move will arrive and it will walk the walk. Holiday 2010, the move will put Kinect through its paces

jneul3034d ago

damm you beat me to it:P:P

btk3036d ago

Move is going to be the gold standard for maybe two years.
Motion controls will get much better in future. This is just the start.
Can't wait for Move 2.0 - will have to do with Move 1 for a few years.

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