Halo Reach Kills Halo 2 graphics - a side by side look on Ascension

For the many who argue that last gen graphics are comparable to this gen. Msxbox-world has posted a comparison video to silence those who need glasses.

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ActionBastard3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

I would hope so. Isn't Halo 3 or ODST a better comparison? This just in...Killzone 3 kills Killzone 1 (say fast 3 times) in graphics.

ShadesMoolah3037d ago

There are some people who claim the differences between this and last gen are not much.

DaBadGuy3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Those people oughta be strung up by their eyeballs and forced to watch every last episode of Gunsmoke. I'm not saying it's a bad show, but fuck was there a lot of Gunsmoke. 635 episodes. Wow. ACTION BASTARD HO!

starchild3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

This article is silly to compare Halo Reach to Halo 2. Halo 3 already looks 10x better than Halo 2.

Halo Reach is going to be one of the best looking games on consoles when it comes out.

Edit: Oh looky disagrees!

I'm sorry but if you can't see that Halo Reach is one of the better looking games this generation you are either:

1. Blind

2. A PS3 fanboy (wearing their special fanboy goggles).

3. Blind and a PS3 fanboy.

Just look at it, it's gorgeous.

UltraNova3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Did they just compare a last gen game ( from 2004 I might add) against a next gen one that will be released in late 2010? To prove what?

Give us a Halo 3 and/or Halo ODST vs Halo Reach and you got something worth to comment on!

You cant compare GTA 2 with GTA IV to prove something.. Heck, you cant even compare it with San Andreas which was the latest game released last gen!

Now, logical people might think; Was the difference so minor between Halo 3/ODST and Reach that they resorted into going back even further just to find a difference/improvement worth mentioning?

As for this statement
'A number of blind gamers always claim that the latest games are not much better than last gen efforts.'

If they are referring solely on Halo games they should have done a better job of showing it!

Anyone remember a recently released xbox 360 exclusive survival horror game? ;)

Well its called Deadly Premonition.

Quote form the IGN review
'If Deadly Premonition were to release eight years ago, we'd probably be hailing it as the Shenmue-killer. It's got an entire city to explore, citizens to talk to and side-quests to find all tucked inside a survival horror package. We of course would have been deluding ourselves. Deadly Premonition isn't just outdated in its look. It's fundamentally bad. '

To conclude, yes it is possible for devs to release games in 2010 for crying out loud that are even sub bar from previous gen games!

Now before true blind followers of an X platform blow up in dispare and anguish know that I dont hate on either Halo or the 360. I am merely proving this 'journalist' ability or lack therefore of producing a credible and unbiased comparison.

Again, a Halo 3/ODST vs Reach is the only way to go if you aim to prove naysayers wrong.

My opinion from what I've seen so far Reach is a clear improvement over Halo 3 and a slight one over ODST. Of course nothing beats seeing them on your own (Reach). Soon though...


inveni03037d ago

That video is all predefined...yet there's still a tree that clips right through the ship @5:30.

Don't get me wrong. It looks waaaay better than Halo 3. But it's not going to touch Crysis 2, KZ3 or Rage. I'm sorry.

EvilBlackCat3037d ago

"There are some people who claim the differences between this and last gen are not much"

A.K.A. Corporate Mascots

mikeslemonade3037d ago

Halo 3 should have been Halo Reach. Thanks for making a 2007 game.

nnotdead3037d ago


im not going to disagree, because i don't know how big a list of games you would have to include Halo: Reach to say,"one of the best looking games on consoles."

top 5- hell no
top 10- no
top 15- maybe
top 20- for sure

nickjkl3037d ago

wait starchild are you implying the 360 can render across 16 screens

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alien6263037d ago ShowReplies(1)
animboo3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

would they expect, a last gen game coming out on top of a current gen game?

RonRico3037d ago

This just looks like COD with futuristic skins on everything. I think the best thing about Halio has always been the sound. The rest is just a little blah.

Palodios3036d ago

Super Mario Galaxy reported to have better graphics than super mario bros!!!!!!

DirtyLary3037d ago


Bulletstorm graphics beat 1985 Commando graphics!

talltony3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"Halo Reach is going to be one of the best looking games on consoles when it comes out."

Stop hyping the graphics for reach, I have no idea why you feel the need to keep doing this. Every xbox game you did that to in the past. You just set people up for dissapointment when it was released.
I am getting reach but Im not getting it for its graphics. Sure the game looks ok but far from one of the best looking games this gen. Their are alot of multiplats that look better.

Socrates3037d ago

I don't know why you PS3 fanboys continue to shamelessly lie through your teeth.

Before Alan Wake came out I saw quite a few videos of it and I thought it looked incredible, but then PS3 fanboys jumped on the fact that it was sub-HD and started making it sound like it wasn't really that great looking. Despite what I had seen before I started to kind of believe you guys. But then I actually got the game and was blown away by how good it looks. It IS one of the best looking games on consoles. You guys lied. You were the ones talking out your @ss because you haven't even played it.

You know what? Your [email protected] talking won't work on me for Halo Reach because I have already seen it first hand and it looks awesome. It looks better than every PS3 game except for maybe 3 (Uncharted 2, KZ2, GOW3) and it's right up there with those games. I just can't say which ones look better because they all have their own graphical styles and it is too hard to say for sure which ones look better.

Please tell me which multiplats look better so I can laugh in your face.

Corepred43037d ago

I'm laughing in your face! Reach up there with top ps3 games in terms of graphics?!? Lmao!! Your an idiot or you haven't played any of them on an HDTV. Lmao don't be a fool and stop letting other people hype you for a game, you must be weak-minded.

Socrates3037d ago

You're the one that must be weak-minded. It seems you have fully bought into Sony's marketing hype.

I have a PS3 and I own Uncharted, Uncharted 2, GOW3, Killzone 2, MGS4, and several more.

I saw Halo Reach at Comic-Con 2010 and I also took part in the beta. I can honestly say that Halo Reach looks better than most games on the 360 or PS3.

Are you really trying to claim that most PS3 exclusives look as good as Halo Reach? That's ridiculous.

Do any of the Ratchet & Clank games look as good as Halo Reach? Not even close. The quality of the textures, lighting, character models and effects is bounds better in Halo Reach.

Warhawk? Not even close.

Infamous? No way. Low res textures, geometry pop-in and lower quality character models for example make Infamous clearly inferior to Reach.

MGS4? Good looking game, but Reach still has better textures, effects, character models, and way more scale and action going on on screen.

The Resistance games? Nope. Lower res textures, lower quality effects, less advanced physics, and lower quality character models are some of the ways the Resistance games are graphically inferior to Halo Reach.

Anyway, the same is true of all the PS3 exclusives minus a couple. Like I said the only PS3 games on the same graphical level as Halo Reach are Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and God of War 3.

LeonSKennedy4Life3036d ago

Socrates -

Alan Wake looks alright. You should have used Metro 2033 though. That looks much better.

Multi-plats that look better on PS3:

- DMC4
- Bioshock
- FNR3


"the only PS3 games on the same graphical level as Halo Reach are Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and God of War 3".
Are you saying that these games are close to being as graphically as good as Reach or did you mean that Reach looks almost as good as those 3 games on the PS3?

I dont understand because my version of pirate bay looks incredible good for a 360 game but at the same time it doesnt look that better than Halo 3. It also isnt comparable to those 3 games you mentioned. As you said some old games on the PS3 look worse... but they are old first gen tries like RESISTANCE. Well I like the Resistance look and art design better but thats just me. Dont talk as if some of us are just fanboys because we says that PS3 games look better. We are also multiconsole owners who dont give a damn whose console is better...we play them all. But also we are gamers and I as a gamer can say that Reach is the better looking 360 game but falls short competing on PS3. Not a bad thing and it proves there is some juice left on my 360 but it also proves that the PS3 has more juice.

I personally Im getting tired of Halo and the time with Reach just make me more tired. Those purple grunts and pink anoying aliens are getting on my nerves... definately a candidate for horror game of the year...


Socrates3036d ago


Metro 2033 looks great, but it doesn't look better than Alan Wake in my opinion.

I wasn't really talking about multiplats running better on the 360 so I don't know why you responded the way you did. In any case I think you aren't really accurate in what you said.

DMC4 was very similar on both consoles, but had some small advantages on both consoles. Overall I thought the better anti-aliasing made the 360 version look better and some reviewers agreed:
"while the 360 game does tend to have a shimmering effect on its most intricate textures, personally I think it's the better-looking game". But overall it was a pretty close multiplat.

Now I don't know where you are getting your information but Bioshock was clearly inferior on the PS3. "PS3 BioShock isn't a bad game...but the actual quality of the conversion itself is obviously and quantifiably sub-par." The PS3 version was lower resolution, lower quality anti-aliasing, had lower quality textures in a few spots and had a jerkier frame rate.

Fight Night Round 3 and Round 4 were better on the 360, but the differences weren't as big as we see in some multiplats.
"on a purely analytical level there are technical advantages to playing the game on the Microsoft console, but there's really nothing in it that favours one version over the other in terms of the actual gameplay experience."


Yes, I am saying that Halo Reach is up there with the best games on either console: Uncharted 2, Alan Wake, Gears 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3, etc. I've already explained why it is graphically superior to other exclusives and multiplats.

I have both consoles and I really do enjoy gaming on all platforms, I'm just tired of people lying about the 360.

You admit you don't really like Halo and that's ok, but it seems like you have a bias against it.

APOFISBORICUA3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

No, I dont have a bias against HALO. I have all exept ODST and WARS. The thing is I got tired of them, the same way I get tired of the same Mario and Final Fantasy Games... oh and recently Call of Duty.

The one who just cant hide their bias against the PS3 is you. Im not going to try to reasoning with you and the others. Its my fault to try to post my opinion in a "green filled Halo comment". I saw that no reasoning works here. I just tried to post my experience with the game. Deny all you want but neither REACH or Splinter Cell or Alan Wake is in the same level visually as the three PS3 games you mentioned. Keep disagrreing fanboys I dont care as I at least have experienced those games. I have high hopes for Gears 3 more than I had for Reach. More of the same Halo, not a bad thing for the reviewers, but not enough for me.

Ohh another thing: METRO 2033 looks way better than ALAN WAKE. I have experience both and in other posts I said that Metro was an underrated game. Bioshock looks better on the 360 but DEVIL MAY CRY Looks better on the PS3. FNR3 looks better on the PS3 and FNR4 looks the same on both. Forge your own opinions buddy and dont believe everything the media told you. As I been saying in this fanboy infested site... Play the games first then talk.


talltony3036d ago

"Yes, I am saying that Halo Reach is up there with the best games on either console: Uncharted 2, Alan Wake, Gears 2, Killzone 2, God of War 3, etc. I've already explained why it is graphically superior to other exclusives and multiplats."

You know nothing about graphics or quality. Or you play on a sd tv. Everything you say is full of garbage.




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rareairtone3037d ago

But this comparison is horrible.

The style is still the same, so the way this video is put together, they look very similar.

we can't see the differences in graphical detail as well as a high def, side-by-side.

JsonHenry3037d ago

I see a difference. But I gotta say it isn't mind blowing either...

vhero3036d ago

I dont think anybody thinks Halo 2 compares to new games just the leap isnt that big compared to other games and compared to games like Kllzone in terms of graphics they make it look last gen.

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Tompkins3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Well said have a bubble. Although it's good to see them like this.

DJKGBYF3037d ago

Where's Captain Obvious?

DaBadGuy3037d ago

He's off telling Bobby Kotick that he has enough money already.

yewles13037d ago

*laughs SO DAMN HARD at the title*