Microsoft: Xbox 360 ring of death is the equivalent of Windows Blue Screen of Death

Aaron Greenberg, the group product manager for Xbox 360 has commented that the Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death is the equivalent of the blue screen of death which people experienced with Windows. Greenberg would not discuss what exactly is going wrong and implied like the blue screen of death, the high rate of Xbox 360 failures is all just one big mystery.

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Syko4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

It's true. I never thought about it. At least when you got the Blue screen of death you only lost what you were working on and had to start over. Traumatic but not like having your heart ripped out.

The RRoD is like finding your wife in bed with your best friend after a hard day at work. It's hard to look at it but you just can't believe your eyes. ..Even though you knew she was a cheatin' B!tch, LOL