New Left 4 Dead DLC Announced

The Sacrifice, new DLC for both Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, was revealed today by Valve. The DLC will be compatible with both games, so no matter which one you have, you’ll be able to play it...

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CrzyFooL2986d ago

We get to decide who lives and dies!! woot woot!!

Kerrby2985d ago

I said from the very start Ironstarmovement wrote a load of crap and it was just DLC (I even gave proof). This is why Ironstarmovement should be blacklisted, it's a nothing website that has been wrong several times in the past.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to this DLC.

bobcostus2985d ago

Yeah. Ironstar is a joke. They are just a bunch of kids from youtube who think they are journalists.

Blaze9292985d ago

Lol so where's that ps3 version ironstar?

0mega42985d ago

it will free to all steam users yet microsoft will be charging for its download.

someone needs to post a critique of microsoft money management
where is your live money going?

i would like to see an article discussing

them wasting money on securing timed exclusives

shifting there focus away from there core audience and toward the causal cash cow with kinect
and putting all there first party studios on kinect developments

not having enough first party studios

and failing to secure third party studios to make exclusives

and justifying xbox live
charging for multiplayer experience which is usually half of the game you already payed for

XactGamer2985d ago

Angry much... Or maybe you thought the news would be different?

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Blacktric2985d ago

"Another nice feature is the inclusion of the No Mercy campaign (the hospital level, one of the most popular from the original game) for Left 4 Dead 2 owners, allowing you to play the campaign with the updated weapons and zombie types. Original game owners will still be limited to the original weapons and zombies."

HOLY SH*T! No Mercy was one of my favorite campaigns in Left 4 Dead. Can't wait to play it with mah grenade launcher!

Nike2985d ago

Agreed. I loved that level. Just about every inch of it, from getting to the hospital to hitting the elevator, to climbing the rooftops and manning the, the single-player didn't offer much longetivity but the intensity in each of those storylines was quite amazing. Maybe I should look into playing L4D2...

Blacktric2985d ago

If you never played L4D 2, just go buy it when you have the opportunity. Though its usually on sale on Steam sometimes so you might wanna wait for it. I'm playing it like crazy since I bought it for 20 dollars in April when it was on sale. Co-op experience, length of campaigns, achievements, nearly everything is better than the first Left 4 Dead to me.

Drjft2985d ago

Goood stuff. I've been enjoying L4D and L4D2 ever since they came out.

bfenty2985d ago

Yeah I played L4D2 tonight for a couple hours. Still a great game for sure.

Quagmire2985d ago

Damn, I was so sure L4D's announcement was that it was tailing Mass Effect and jumping ship to PS3, considering Gabe's new found love for PS3

iammason2985d ago

I'm sure if L4D did go to PS3, they would make it a bigger event then just a TV spot on Spike...

AliTheBrit192985d ago

Guess he it wasn't PS3 afterall.

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The story is too old to be commented.