Xbox 360 Premium falls out of top 20 at retailer

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 fell out of the top 20 best-sellers at's Computer & Video Games division on Mon. following a rapid rise to the top of the charts last week.

On Mon. morning, the Xbox 360 Premium ranked as the No. 21 best-selling item in the Computer & Video Games division. It reached the No. 1 sales rank last Thurs. when Microsoft price cut all Xbox 360 models by $20 to $50.

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Charlie26884059d ago

correction...that was REALLY fast

it also would be an interesting debate between the "price drops generate demand" vs "price drops shift demand" in this situation

probably the demand will increase considerably with the new Falcon board

nasim4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

The only game x360 had GEARS is now on PC.

BIOSHOCK will be better on PC.

the 2 good games x360 had are now on PC with better quality

HALo 3--is too cartoonistic

MASS EFFECT is horrible game with low poly characters
check the disappointing mass effect trailer at GT.

the aliens ingame are like a 1 foot beasts. Just because a DVD cannot hold large textures BIOWARE had to shrink the aliens to lilliputs.

so there is no reason to buy x360 which has no games.

Most of the people actually rebought their x360s after price drop and this is why PREMIUM is gone from the list

BTW all x360s SKUS are in stock

It is just no one is buying them. People are just exchanging their premiums with elite after prce drop and core with Premium

BTW here is the bestseller's list

nobizlikesnowbiz4059d ago

Perhaps you should spend the effort you use to put down the 360 elsewhere. I don't think anyone really cares what you've got to say.

Just seems like you drone on about how the "360 sucks", blah blah blah.

Give it up dude.

We all know your head is stuck in your ass.

eLiNeS4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

(not including the many Bundles they sell) out of the 4 SKUS, 3 are in the TOP 25, I don't know what this fool is reporting on because he says the Xbox 360 is no longer in the Top 20. Look again fool,

The Elite is at #11, the Pro with HDMI is #17 and the Pro is #25 at this moment.

The PS3 only had the one when it was at #1 but that doesn't mean anything to M$ 4 SKUs.

nasim4059d ago

BTW all x360s SKUS are in stock

It is just no one is buying them. People are just exchanging their premiums with elite after prce drop and core with Premium

Tackle9904059d ago

Wait, nasim when 360 was at the #1 spot at amazon u said amazon numbers were crap and dont mean anything....Now your using them to show how well the 360 is selling?

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HokieFan4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I would bet that it fell so fast b/c they released the new SKU with the HDMI. Notice that they're #20 and #21 right now. Wait and see if the HDMI version goes back up to the top ten...

Odion4059d ago

I think they would rather have 3 SKU's in the top 25, and have 4 games in the top 20, 2 of them being the second and third most bought products. Then have one console at number 5, and one game in the top 20

ozsman4059d ago

What the hell are they talking about? They have the Elite at number #10, 20GB at #20 and the 20GB with hmdi at #21. People are starting to buy the 20GB with hmdi. Thats why its dropping....

eLiNeS4059d ago

amazon sold out of the 20GB Pro with no HDMI so now it shows J&R selling it. See who it's sold by

ozsman4059d ago

true.... but there still selling used ones

celticlonewolf4059d ago

I think its funny when people comment on things like this and forget that there are 3 skus in the top 25. They dont show the actual numbers sold but I bet if you added up all 3 skus the 360 brand of skus would by close to the top. Good gaming

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