PlayStation Blog: The Lair Score: Part One

John Debney is a music composer working in Hollywood, scoring films such as "Passion of the Christ" and "Sin City." He also composed the soundtrack for Lair, and he wanted to share a bit about that experience with you guys, as well as offer you a sample of the game's music.

The score for this game is unique also in that it truly presents a large scale symphony in three acts. Quite simply, to give you a sense of the scale of what they did, the music alone in this game would fill three complete movies. Thus was the task; to create a work richly melodic, deeply passionate and savagely primal, all to fit right in with the theme, tone and dramatic elements of Lair.

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CadDad3990d ago

Even if you read all the reviews on this game it's a hard one to judge without playing it.

I like what I see as far as the epic battles, artistic styles and music, and plot lines in the game, but at the same time I fear it will be one of those games the developers tried to do everything perfect and ended up with nothing perfect.

I am very interested in this title and will probably pick it up because the artwork and music score alone scream of high quality.

I'm hoping the gameplay is deep enough to keep my interest enough to finish it. If this game lives up to my expectations I think they've got a massive winner on their hands.


LSDARBY3990d ago

I hope this game is a AAA title, cus for all the effort it deserves to be tbh

DaTrooF3990d ago

i have high hopes for this game:D

Rhezin3990d ago

The Bottom Line:


TheExecutive3990d ago

already down to two bubbles and now you are gonna get another ignore... have a nice life.

Siesser3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

Wow; can't wait to hear this coming through in 5.1. I think it's cool the way the music is designed such that at any point, it can fluidly, or dynamically, or "whatever-you-want-to-cal l-it," shift to a different piece to match your actions on-screen. That'll definitely give it an organic feel.

techie3990d ago

7.1 ;)

John Debney is an incredible composer - and very expensive

Siesser3990d ago

haha, haven't sprung for the two extra speakers yet; room's not large enough to need them, and I doubt I'd appreciate the difference if it were. I like the detail and scale they're taking to make things feel more epic and cinematic in this and HS. I think this game, much like GoW, will steam-roll awards when it comes to audio. It's very rare when the score comes across as powerfully as the story and graphics; enough to make you say "wow."

SpenserTracy3990d ago

I think the PS3 is the best console iv'e ever owned. Imagine that fantastic music with lossless audio. I simply don't understand 360 owners who obviously want to miss out on this. Can't wait....

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