New Left 4 Dead Expansion Lets You Choose Who Will Live Or Die

Valve revealed today The Sacrifice, a new expansion for the Left 4 Dead series that will be compatible with both the first and second games in the series.

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morgan1jones3011d ago

cool, any ideas on the releese date?

sam22363011d ago

"The Sacrifice will be released as free DLC for the PC and Mac, while it will be a paid downloadable for the Xbox 360."

Well screw that. I'm selling my 360 versions and buying the games on PC. I'm fucking sick of this shit.

OpenGL3011d ago

That's Microsoft for you.

0mega43011d ago

it will free to all steam users yet microsoft will be charging for its download.

someone needs to post a critique of microsoft money management
where is your live money going?

i would like to see an article discussing

them wasting money on securing timed exclusives

shifting there focus away from there core audience and toward the causal cash cow with kinect
and putting all there first party studios on kinect developments

not having enough first party studios

and failing to secure third party studios to make exclusives

and justifying xbox live
charging for multiplayer experience which is usually half of the game you already payed for

XactGamer3011d ago

Sounds to me like you're just pissed because you thought the news would be L4D going to the PS3.

eggbert3011d ago

its still stupid to charge one set of consumers while another set of consumers gets it for free.

bulletproof did bring up a bunch of stuff that was unrelated to the article though.

newhumanbreed3011d ago

Microsoft hosts it on their servers for you to download, so they charge to keep it up.

iammason3011d ago

LOL I find this hilarious. So many people assumed the announcement yesterday would be L4D going to PS3 LOL

doshey3011d ago

sweet so when this comes out then l4d 3 will come out correct