iPhone unlikely to ever compete effectively with DS, says analyst

A recent New York Post story claiming that Apple and Nintendo are headed for a "showdown" in the portable gaming market has been rubbished by a leading analyst.

According to the story, Apple has been secretly plotting its foray into portable video games for months, looking to add games to its iPhone. Rumour has it that the company has already provided a major game developer with iPhone technology, and that Apple is expected to make a gaming announcement in the near future.

However, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter told that he doesn't think Apple is serious about gaming. "Rather, I think that they're trying to establish the iPhone as an all-encompassing entertainment device," he said.

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Syko3965d ago

Wow, This guy should get the "Dumbass Analyst of the Year" Award. How do I get a job making stuff up and claiming it's fact? These guys are worthless.

PS360WII3965d ago

Was it ever meant to compete with the DS?