Monday Night Combat, and Too Human... doesn't suck. An Open Apology.

GameCritics: Despite having one of the longest and most tiring days in recent memory, I was able to get a couple hours in before falling asleep. While I'm usually a solo player, this is definitely a game that benefits from having real teammates, and I was fortunate enough to jump into a group where almost everyone knew each other.

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PaPa-Slam3042d ago

Yeah, & I'm Chuck Norris.

GuruStarr783042d ago

I think the problem with Too Human is how linear it was and how repetitive it got...Other than those two points, its a decent game....but after hours upon hours of shooting, slicing, and dieing, (the death scene sucked especially bad, because an angel came down from heaven and took you away, it took like two minutes for the whole scene and you couldnt skip it before you respawned.) you just seem to do the same thing over and over......its got a deep menu system and leveling your character up and outfitting him with new weapons and armor is fun, but for a game that took like ten years to make, it felt like they really dropped the ball.

Its too bad, because its the first of a trilogy, and with some work, a sequel could be really good....unfortunately, it will probably never happen since the first game bombed and cost a fortune to produce......I'm suprised that Too Human ever even saw the light of day itself........