Samsung Blu-ray Disc player available for $425

Samsung's BD-P1200 is available now for 425$, the first time a widely available standalone BD player is selling for less than the PS3. is offering the Samsung device for 175$ off the list price of around 600$, or 425$, while the PS3 is selling for the list price of 500$. It's the lowest non-sale price any major retailer has set for a Blu-ray player.

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DG3935d ago

So much for buying a PS3 for a BluRay Player. But I think Ill buy the actual drive so I can burn BR discs and its only $450. Might wait until 4x comes out.

cuco333934d ago

as a BR player. i don't know the whole specs but BR stand alones aren't worth it yet aside from the ps3. i was reading up some and the plans BR has for their stand alone hardware is coming out soon, just not the current ones in the market. ps3 > every other BR stand alone player

1 main reason is thanks to the continuous firmware upgrades the ps3 has

to below hd dvd is far from dead, please stop preaching that nonsense. this war is still in it's infancy and it's a 60/40 software sales split of a total 5% of ALL movie sales. ain't much to preach about having a 60% HD movie market share of a total of 5% especially when the competitions outsells stand alone players

KeMoBLUE3934d ago

hd-dvd has NO chance. every company seems to be making a player now. WAAHHOO.

jinn3934d ago

bluray is just part of the ps3 junk, hd dvd is much more affordable.

pts3934d ago

If someone wants to buy an obsolete player for $425, good luck to them. I just hope they realize this player will not be in spec come November.

Marceles3934d ago

hmmm...a $425 blu-ray player or a $500 blu-ray, ps1, ps2, and ps3 player with a hard drive?

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

the choice should be pretty easy to make

barom3934d ago

not to mention that the PS3 is a really good Blu Ray player compared to the average standalone player (dunno what the differences are though).

ShiftyLookingCow3934d ago

besides it can be upgraded via firmware easily

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