To PSjailbreak, or Not to PSjailbreak

Is PSjailbreak worth the hassle? PSLS asks the question: Do I really need the PSjailbreak?

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Lifewish2977d ago

not sure what i think about this but i don't really care much for the piracy of games, i want to try my best to support the industry.

gamesR4fun2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

It is probably going to be patched tomorrow

Makes me think its not a big worry right now

but if it ends up like the psp...

Conloles2977d ago

Lemme guess without reading article they'll say it's not because they're pro Sony.

SeanRL2977d ago

Hmmm I dunno, maybe you should read the article before leaving a negative comment.

ColJessup2977d ago

Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Or in this case, Sony techs with the ability to make this $160 piece of illegal hardware irrelevant before they can even ship the damn things.

Buy one and you know what to expect. You'll never be able to take it online to install a patch, play a game with your buddies or update your console ever again. That might be acceptable for some, but for this old video game soldier, gimping my system to save a couple of bucks simply isn't an option. Plus I have respect for the hard working men and women who bring me the games I love and wouldn't take food out of their mouths. It's hard enough out there in the current economy as is.

Red_Orange_Juice2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

As long as there is any chance of online ban I won't even think of it, and there is always a chance, so no.
For me online play is ~80% of console usage Im not willing to sacrifice multiplayer for free singleplayer games.

Eamon2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Technically, if the device is not using illegal code belonging to Sony, then it's completely legal to purchase and use as we now have seen with the recent jailbreak law.

Although of course, use for piracy is illegal. But homebrew on PS3 could be really cool. Playing mkv, emulators, firefox and many more possibilities. Programs that could really make use of the powerful Cell CPU.

Also, the creator of the device claims that it is firmware updatable so if Sony patches the exploit and the modder figures out a way to overcome it, you can just update the device.

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kwicksandz2977d ago

Thanks to PC gaming i rarely use my ps3 so the instant that some decent homebrew apps come out ill give this a shot. i dont care for backups and the price is high so i can wait for the scene to mature before i try it

Reefskye2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

If you have a PC, why would you use this for homebrew apps? the PC is an open platform anyway and any retro game and emu can be gotten on a PC. Why risk your PS3 when your PC already does this stuff with software?

I have a gaming PC as well and I get a lot of use out of both, no way id pay $100 for my PS3, risk breaking it just for a few homebrew apps, heck why even own a PS3 if this is all your going to do?

Sarick2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

I buy my games what I'd like is something to backup my protected saves.

Something a lot of people on N4G forget about is the over use of DRM to stop trophies abuse etc. I don't care for them trophies so I'd like to play my LEGAL games without being restricted to DRM that blocks my ability to backup saves or share them across my multiple consoles.

Some games are made a prisoner of the systems DRM capabilities. I don't aprove piracy but I also don't aprove of lame restrictions for legit owners.

Sev2977d ago

I couldn't possibly be more against this PSjailbreak.

All because sh!tbags want to steal games, us legitimate games are going to pay for these idiot hackers. Just like with OtherOS. That tool Geohot needed to conquer a machine to feel good about himself, and he got the OtherOS feature taken away from the rest of us.

Sony is going to have to stop working on firmware features that actually benefit us, to come up with a fix to stop this garbage.

You can all thank PSjailbreak for Cross Game Chat being delayed another year.

Trexman892977d ago

yea, I don't understand why so many people spend their time trying to hack systems.

SeanRL2977d ago

Maybe they're poor, or maybe they're just lonely and are working towards creating the ultimate sex bot.


because its a big buisness the inventor/thief of this usb will be making quite a bit of money from this until it reaches asia and cheaper ones come out

OneSneakyMofo2977d ago

For fame. I didnt know the Geohot douchebag, but now I do. If you tell hackers your system is unhackable, and it takes four years to do it, you bet the one hacker's name will go down infamy.

Sarick2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

1. Money (The person/s who succeed can earn a quick $$ if not busted)
2. Pride and glory (The person or persons become famous & infamous)
3. Thrill of beating the system. (Sticking it to the man)
4. Being cheap. (The pirates that want to save money)
5. Wanting to get the most out of the hardware.

This is just a few reasons I'm sure they have other agendas for doing it.

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Moonboots2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Don't you run Playstation Lifestyle? I would think you get a lot of your games comped to you. (?)

I agree with your statements but for myself, I am interested in the homebrew side of it. It's a shame you can't have one without the other.


yea me to there could be a good homebrew scene and emulators for retro gaming, but i wouldnt want to risk the banhammer of sony as they will obviously take action against this as im sure they will be able to detect what your doing on your ps3

dredgewalker2977d ago

I want to support this if this has no capability of playing pirated copies but will enable added programs and features to my PS3 like having another faster browser than the current one that is too slow to my liking. I just don't want piracy in the PS3, I've been having great games because the developers are happy that they are getting paid for the games they worked on.

lazysey2977d ago

Cross-Game Chat is never coming get over it.

NYC_Gamer2977d ago

i'd rather buy my games legit

JonnyBigBoss2977d ago

Buy games and support the developer. That's how I do it anyway. I have no problem paying full price for a solid game like Uncharted 2 or Metal Gear Solid 4. Mafia II on the other hand isn't worth $15.

nevin12977d ago

so ur stating u will pirate Mafia 2 since its not a solid game to u?

Biggest2977d ago

I would think that he would pay less than $15. No where in his comment did he hint at pirating Mafia II.

Sarick2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

If you don't want to own the game you can rent or even barrow it.

If it's that bad let the developers suffer and don't buy/play it.

Moonboots2977d ago (Edited 2977d ago )

Oh boy. Sometimes the money making schemes these publishers come up with and the trend of shortening games to break it out into DLC(overpriced at that) and some of the shady marketing tactics makes me want to say Jailbreak.

But the developers, the guys making the games, are not usually behind these schemes I'd like to think. So I say think about them and their families and buy the games.

Don't jailbreak.

One last thing. How many of these jailbreak articles do we need? It's getting to the point that all the information is out and we are just beating it to death. Let's stop bringing any more heat to this subject and let Sony deal with it.

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