Video Game Endings of 2010 I Wish I Could Change

Treezy of Ironstar writes; "This year a lot of great games have been released and already there are a few games that have "GOTY" written all over them. However there are several games that I played this year that had endings that weren't as satisfying or fulfilling as I thought they could have been. While these games had amazing storylines and spectacular gameplay, I found myself wanting to change the overall outcome of these games because the endings just did not satisfy me. I am here today to give you my top three video game endings of 2010 I wish I could change."

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FanOfGaming2669d ago

At the end of God of War 3 Kratos became a *re-write backwards* (yssup)

aceofspades2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

none. i didnt make the game.

please dont give me dissagrees! :( hahahaha jk i dont care >:)

FanOfGaming2669d ago

Snores Vill -__- talk about not being enthusiastic. What a bore.

BannedForNineYears2669d ago

I lol everytime.
"@$$ Fect"

FanOfGaming2669d ago

What's the disagrees for; Kratos went from super bad ass, that rips peoples' heads off for fun to becoming a wimp.

aceofspades2669d ago

kratos grew weary of ripping heads off, he got babtised.

LordMarius2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

How exactly did he become a wimp or did you not play the first God of War, he had always acted like that but revenge always came first

RememberThe3572669d ago

Did you actually finish the game? He ended it like he should have.

A Cupcake for Gabe2669d ago

I liked Red Dead's ending. It was very climactic, but there need to be some more build up mission to the final mission.

Treezy5042669d ago

yeah I liked it too just a bit depressing :(

RememberThe3572669d ago

My feelings about the ending are more disappointment because I wanted things to go differently for that family. The ending was great though.

WildArmed2669d ago

They tied up the game nicely with that last side-quest that finishes up John's family story. I think this was easily the best ending I've played this year. (note I havent played HR yet)

I liked GoW3.. it was a cliff hanger ending (which is good!)

Dr-ZOOM2669d ago

@A Cupcake for Gabe

Is that pic for real? lmfao xD

thecreeper2669d ago

I agree, it would have been cool to see Kratos go out with a bang

TheLastGuardian2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Wow Spoilers much? Good thing I've played all these like a good little gamer. RDR is my GOTY and the ending was perfect though very sad. God Of War 3 is a close second for GOTY. I disagree with this guy completely all 3 endings were fine the way they are.

Why RDR's ending is great

Why GOW 3's ending is great
*Spoiler Alert*

Kratos went out nobally. Nobody could ever kill him. Only thing I don't get is how a sword through his chest is gonna kill him. I mean He was stabbed through the chest in GOW 1 and 2 and he just climbed right out of hell so why can't he just do that in the beginning of God of War 4?

My first Heavy Rain ending was depressing.
*Spoiler Alert*

I didn't find shaun, Ethan blew his brains out and Norman Overdosed on triptocaine.

RememberThe3572669d ago

He just brought himself back to life by climbing out of Hades. Plus, did you watch past the credits, we can't be sure if he actually died or not.

And damn, you really f'ed up your Heavy Rain ending. *SPOILER* I got everyone to survive, but Norman hit Ethen in the head with a sledge hammer. That sucked.

TheLastGuardian2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I've seen every possible scene and ending in Heavy Rain and I don't remeber Norman ever hitting Ethan with a sledgehammer Maybe that was scott. I was trying to keep everyone alive but since I didn't find shaun Ethan killed himself and norman Overdosed.

RememberThe3572669d ago

Yeah it wasn't Ethen, it was Norman. Scott hit Norman with a sledge hammer. lol Then Lauren took care of Scott.

mikepmcc2669d ago

If it's an article about GAME ENDINGS, you can expect SPOILERS. Seriously people, use discretion.

Treezy5042669d ago

Warning this article contains many spoilers so read at your own risk.

dinkeldinkse2669d ago

I have never played Heavy Rain.

RDR's ending sucked ass.

Spoiler Alert

Edgar Ross deserved to be killed like a fucking dog by Jack Marston. Killing him in a duel was extremly unsatisfying for me. Bitches do not deserve an honorable death.

TheLastGuardian2669d ago

Has anybody ever been killed by edgar ross in the last mission?(technically a stranger mission but w/e) I haven't but I wonder if it's possible. That would suck balls, I'd be so pissed.

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