PS3Vault: Why Uncharted 3 should take place in Atlantis

We have come to enjoy playing games with great stories and like-able characters. Nathan Drake has defiantly become one of the most iconic characters to hit the gaming scene. He is a very intelligent explorer that has the mentality to leap before he looks. Our buddy Nathan has discovered El Dorado and Shambala, but what is next on his list of discoveries?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima2673d ago

They will blow me away no matter where it takes place Uncharted 2 was the best game i ever played and im sure Uncharted 3 will take its place =)

aceofspades2673d ago

i swear in a forum somwehere they got my damn idea! i said atlantis over and over again. but then again...egypt will work for sure!

ChineseDemocracy2673d ago

Atlantis would be sweet, but I'm crossing my fingers for some Egyptian curses and hordes of mummies!

Delive2673d ago

There would have to be an awesome water engine built, with physics off the chart, underwater breathing, sharks, harpoons, hell, throw a pod of killer whales in there too. Tides so some areas are accessible at low tide and submerged in high tide.

With that said, if anyone can do it, ND can!

SOAD2673d ago

The Bavarian countryside.

Rolling green hills
Big breasted women
Large mugs of lager

We find our crusader clinging to the face of a corn mill. The treasure: the fountain of youth. The enemy: The reanimated body of Adolf Hitler.

DigitalAnalog2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Atlantis is a good concept, but seeing as another GOW would take place in the same location, it wouldn't feel so right to have both games featuring Atlantis together. There are still so many places out there, what about the "Lost Continent of MU". The tale is someone similar to Atlantis, and it has a variety of terrain to explore.

@SOAD: I noticed a re-curring trend that Naughty Dog always has Nazi's involved in someway.

-End statement

whoelse2673d ago

Egypt would be good. We have had jungles, we have had snow, so time for desert?

mantisimo2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

I think the new locations will be more obscure than Egypt and Atlantis.

There are Myths from all over the world in every country, that would give very different environments to play.

Bavaria/Transylvania, Scotland, Japan, China, Sweden, Australia, The Easter Islands, Africa, Madagascar (no King Julian) etc etc the list is endless.

(I liked Peru in 2 as it was a great area to play and not the "normal" myth type setting).

Domer252673d ago

Lets flip the series completely, and do like an urban Hunt similar to "National Treasure". Just an idea.

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xyxzor2673d ago

I really feel like Egypt would make the most sense even though it's safe in a lot of ways. On the other hand Atlantis, like the author stated is uncharted territory. If anyone is capable of pulling off a story about Atlantis it's Naughty Dog.

clank5432673d ago

Yeah, the desert is really the logical next step in the series. However, they could link cultures together and have diverse environments like in Uncharted 2. I feel like they need a game without jungles, though, because I think thats been overused this generation.

xyxzor2673d ago

Even though part of me wants it to be Atlantis, your right logically Egypt is the next step. If you look at what Naughty Dog has done with the series, first with El Dorado than with Shambala, it doesn't seem like they would go for Atlantis, and maybe not even Egypt. In the article he mentioned Norway, what are the rumors surrounding that?

Moonboots2673d ago (Edited 2673d ago )

Something like The Land of Punt the Mythical Country of the ancient Egyptians. Supposed to be a filled with gold and treasures.

sam1mur2673d ago

Well technically they can make it both Egypt and Atlantis and tie it in. Maybe use an approach like Edgar Cayce and his predictions that the key to Atlantis lies underneath the paw of the Great Sphinx. But wherever UC3 is placed I know for sure its gonna be great!

LordMarius2673d ago

If it is in Atlantis, Poseidon from GoW 3 should make a cameo in an easter egg kind of way

TheLastGuardian2673d ago

I hear God of War: Ghost of Sparta will have parts set in Atlantis. You guys should check it out it's going to be epic.

OhReginald2673d ago

and no doubt Atlantis would be a huge water level..

but i would love it to take place somewhere in china/ japan.

xyxzor2673d ago

What type of slightly less-known myths exist in Asia? Anyone? That would make sense too.

Socrates2673d ago

The far east would be my pick. They haven't covered that area (Japan, China, Korea) and I think it has a lot of mythology to draw on, as well as great architecture that would look beautiful in the game. Hopefully they keep the globetrotting aspect of it though. I just think the far east should play a pivotal role.

Acquiescence2673d ago

China/Japan would be proper bangin'. Mmmmmm, shit loads of neon signs in an Uncharted game. Pleasurable.

Akagi2673d ago

You hate water levels, but please tell me you love the water EFFECTS in Uncharted 2...

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