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Submitted by SuperMGS 1999d ago | opinion piece

The Plight of the PSP 2

There has been a lot of rumors circulating recently about a new PSP with phone capabilities. This got me thinking, is it time for Sony to release a new PSP yet?

Sony is currently in a difficult place when it comes to the successor for the PSP. Though the PSP has been successful for a first attempt at a handheld console, it came nowhere near the dominance of Nintendo's DS. But how could we expect it to. Nintendo has been more fruitful in the handheld market than anyone has in the home console market. Their dominance has been absolute. However it does feel like it is time for Sony to release a significant update to the PSP. (iPhone, Playstation Move, PS3, PSP, Sony)

Dramscus  +   2000d ago
Not happening for at least a year or three. Give it up already. No psp2
TheLastGuardian  +   1999d ago
Why not? I want the psp2 to have phone capabilities but I just hope it's not a psp1.5 I want a significat upgrade to the quality of games and features. I must say out of all the mock-ups I've seen of the psp2 that one is the worst.
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8-bit  +   1999d ago
Are you kidding me!? That is one of my favorite mockups
MuleKick  +   1999d ago
I think that I'm the only person who absolutely hates the idea of a PSphone. I want my PSP to be a PSP. Just give me some serious upgrades to the existing PSP and I'm happy. I honestly don't think a PSphone is coming for a couple reasons.

For the processing power needed to run worthy PSP quality games we'll be looking at a $300 phone. Any phone with a quality screen and slider mechanics usually cost about $200 to $250.

With the aforementioned specs. we'll be looking at a very bulky phone. Imagine a phone with a 4.3" screen, slide out keyboard and slide out gaming controls.

Who will it be marketed to? Smartphone customers are usually more business oriented and simply play games to kill time. A PSphone will have to labeled as a smartphone taking away from the more kid friendly vibe associated with portable gaming.

Sony is a member of the OHA (open handset alliance) and they have quite a few deals going on with google. With Android making such big strides in the mobile marketplace, Sony's PSphone would most likely run android OS. That sounds good but with so many games on the android market most people would settle for a cheaper, shorter game.

Battery Life:
With the power it takes to run a smartphone, trying to layer PSP games on top of the phone OS and the power being used for the antenna and any other programs running in the background. Consider your phone dead in 2 hours.

With all that being said, if Sony can make it work somehow, I'm all in but those are alot of issues to overcome.

My dream PSP2.
All the PSPgo specs +
32gb and 64gb models
5" HD AMOLED touchscreen.
720p resolution. (I'm not greedy)
All standard PS3 buttons
Games on microSD cards.
Better Remote Play and Location Free capabilities.
Online support via wifi only.
Digital download compatibility.
Backward compatibility for downloads only.
$199 and $249 price point.

I know that was alot but I've been thinking about it for a while now.
TheLastGuardian  +   1999d ago
@ 8bit It's too much like a phone and not enough like a handheld gaming platform. It doesn't that button layout that I'm used to.

@DrPractical I just want it to be a psphone because I need a new phone anyways so I might as well get one that plays great games.
MuleKick  +   1999d ago
If Sony can make it happen you can count me in as well.
etownone  +   1999d ago
@ Dr. Practical - how can you not include dual analog?

and i'm with you with keeping the phone out of psp2.
concentrate more on being a handheld gaming console

leave that phone/gaming market for wp7, android and iphone/touch
MuleKick  +   1999d ago
I should have been more clear. That's included in "all the standard PS3 buttons" part. I would be a fool to leave that out. LOL
ChickeyCantor  +   1999d ago
"5" HD AMOLED touchscreen.
720p resolution. (I'm not greedy) "

And here I am having a 52" tv to give light to those well deserved details.
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PSfan09  +   1999d ago
DigitalHorror81  +   1998d ago
a TV/HDMI output to transfer the small screen to the living room? Too much to ask? And twin dual shocks please.
aceofspades  +   1999d ago
remanutd55  +   1999d ago
2 analog sticks
FULL PSN FUNCTIONALITIES ( ability to talk , send/ receive message from our psn friends no matter if they are using a ps3 or psp2 ) ability to play online with our psn friends
as portable as the pspGO
better graphics
faster loading times
better web browser
more apps
first party launch software line up :
Little Big Planet 2 ( this time with the ability to play online with our friends )
White Knight Chronicles
Motorstorm : worldwide festival
and im good to go
8-bit  +   1999d ago
"FULL PSN FUNCTIONALITIES ( ability to talk , send/ receive message from our psn friends no matter if they are using a ps3 or psp2 ) ability to play online with our psn friends "

remanutd55  +   1999d ago
that feature is 1 of the more requested features from the psp community , its not only me but lots of psp owners , sony knows that we want it ( as it is 1 of the 2 most requested features in the playstation blog share page ) , i hope they can make it happen , that feature alone will make me buy a psp2 even though i have a psp GO already
DigitalHorror81  +   1998d ago
This is a huge GO for me. Yes, Sony, if you're listening, PLEASE implement this!! ^^^^^^^^
TheLastGuardian  +   1999d ago
2nd analogue stick more like the ps3's analogue sticks but not too big that its awkward in your pocket.
3d because I want 3d games but can't afford a 3dtv
PSN fuctionality
tilt function kinda like locoroco without having to press a button
HD graphics if they can pull off the first HD handheld that would be amazing
Trophy support
easier connectivity to your TV and Dualshock
I hope they keep the design of the psp go but a little wider for a bigger screen.

GTA: San Andreas Stories
Sly Cooper
Twisted Metal: Head On 2
a proper Killzone
Red Dead
Resident Evil
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Ps3isSsTheBeStt  +   1999d ago
they cant make it happen because the battery would melt or will inly last 1hour
George Sears  +   1999d ago
DigitalHorror81  +   1998d ago
Well then...
Give me twin slim Ni-Ca battery packs on each side of my PSP2.
Makidian  +   1999d ago
While I think next year would be a great time to reveal the PSP2, they need to drop the price of the existing PSP by another $30 at least. After five years on the market it seems like it is far too expensive to pay for one. From an everday consumer point of view, parents especially, weighing the options of the two for your kids the DS is a no brainer because it's $40 cheaper. They need to get the PSP down to a more competitive price to drive adoption a little better at this point of the PSP's life.
Briefcase Joe  +   1999d ago
What about a PSPhone and PSP2? Kind of like iPhone and iPod Touch?

I think they should just keep the 2 seperate, but I'm not running Sony. Or am I?
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punisher99  +   1999d ago
People keep talking about PSP2. But I read somewhere that Sony Ericsson is gonna be releasing a phone to rival the iphone.
silvacrest  +   1999d ago
thats whats gonna be released in october (hopefully) which is also separate to the PSP2

people should probably think of the PSPhone the same way they think of the PSP 2000, 3000 and the GO, just a revision to the original

expect the PSP2 in years time or so
Lazyeye79  +   1999d ago
I hope Sony (if they do) will not delve to much into phone capabilities, I want a PSP 2 to play games, music, movies, and to search the web as its main features. Integrate 3G or even 4G and that would be cool as long as it is open to whatever carrier you want. Other than that I want it to just play games.
silvacrest  +   1999d ago
i want a PSPhone
it would have to be equal amounts of phone and PSP otherwise someone is gonna skip this because its lacking something

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