The Hardest Final Boss Fights of All Time

One of the greatest things about playing video games is the great sense of achievement when setting a new high score or beating a particularly difficult section. A good difficulty curve will leave the player feeling
challenged without getting frustrated. The most common way of managing this difficulty progression is to divide a game into sections separated by increasingly difficult boss fights. Beating the final boss means you beat the game, an nothing is more satisfying than finally besting a final boss that have vexed you for weeks or maybe even months.

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scar202977d ago

M.Bison isnt hard if you use the right character

Cheeseknight282977d ago

I think the first game was supposed to be Banjo-Kazooie, since the description specifically says that she spends nearly all her time on her broomstick. (And seeing how Banjo-Tooie wasn't nearly as hard)