Zipper Discusses the New MAG Beta and SOCOM 4

"Another Friday means it’s time for the next episode of Zipline, the official Zipper Interactive podcast. Seth Luisi, Game Director here at Zipper, returns to the show to answer many oft-asked questions. Mysteries are revealed!" In this Podcast, Seth discusses and Q&A the New MAG Beta progam and talks about SOCOM 4.

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WetN00dle693010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Been thinking of buying BUT i dont know is MAG is good or not.

mrcash3010d ago

Its decent, it's like a combination of modernwarfare and battlefield minus the destructible environments and great graphics. There is some fun to be had I suggest you rent it first just to see if you like it, it can be a bit boring well it was to me, i prefer killzone and bad company.

blusoops3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

rent first to see if you like it.

i love it, personally, but i know its not for everyone. if you only play it a few hours u wont like it. but once u start leveling up, u'll love it! at least i did.

ChozenWoan3010d ago

Get a Mic
Get in a clan that uses Mics

Do that and you'll love MAG. If you try to lone wolf it, it's gonna be painful.

nnotdead3010d ago

this man speaks the truth.

MAG can be hard to get into. once you learn how to play, could take 20+ lvls depending on how active and helpful of a clan you have joined, MAG can be some of the most fun one can have online gaming.

AtatakaiSamurai3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

I think what happens with some gamers is they think mag should be like other online fps so the feel of the guns and shooting in the with a newcomer doesn't feel as strong or uber like other shooters but you have to upgrade the weapon and then the game really opens up and the weapons start to feel 'familliar'

if you're a tactical kinda shooter gamer then theres no better fps online than mag. if you're a rpg gamer that kind of likes fps sometimes then you'll love mag cause it's leveling up system feels very rpg

if you just like to run around a shoot things then the first 20lvls of mag will feel off or watered down cause you can't really do much but after lvl20 then 30 then 50 you just get so many skills and start pwning.

i love it in mag that though someone with 90kills 25deaths and 15 assist could get top 3 mvp in a platoon but so can someone who fixed 40 gates, bunkers, AAA, turrents, and road blocks with 20 assists or someone who fixed 15 gates, revived 12 people and rezed 25 others while recapturing 2 objectives.

mag just feels more "grown up" than stuff like mw types to me anyway. you have to think more and i think that's why some don't like mag. it's not just mindless get up and run and shoot everything that moves but you have to think of more stuff than just k/d ratio.

ChozenWoan3009d ago

What I like to see is someone who only got 2 kills, but still ranked in the top 3 due to being great at field support. Reviving, repairing, and placing/disarming charges is just as important as pulling the trigger... actually more so at you can't complete your objectives unless your doing those things.

SCEA_RULES3010d ago

Mag is good, if your more tatical

aceofspades3010d ago

buy it, its killer, not for noobs at all.

nnotdead3010d ago

i think the tactical aspect is way over stated. the only real tactic is getting your team to work as a group. attack in numbers, and get the right people to go where needed in defense. its not like a complex RTS like a lot of people would have others believe.

Jrome3010d ago

As I said before...128 vs 128 a lot different than 8v8 tactics..which is even still different from 4v4 tactics.

nnotdead3009d ago

different but its not like 128 players line up in front of you. it end up being 32 vs 32 at a time. sure people move around but for the most part you'll only encounter 32 other players at a time.

ChozenWoan3009d ago

Actually, you'd be surprised how many times my clan/squad will get double and triple teamed. 8 vs 16-24 is not that uncommon if your squad is good at keeping your bunker up.

StanRaimondi3010d ago

Mag is definitely good especially if you are in a good squad and everyone is working together. the battles can get pretty intense to.

telekineticmantis3010d ago

That your not releasing socom till next year.

ChronoJoe3010d ago

Was announced ages ago. It was never confirmed for 2010, anyway. The date was TBA 2010, now it's TBA 2011.

ThanatosDMC3010d ago

Glad that it's not the same people saying how great MAG is. It's new people praising it after they tried it.

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