Did the Games Make You Do It? Mark Shurtleff Doesn’t Really Think So

With this seemingly endless battle over whether violent games make people do violent things still looming on, Utah’s Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff is trying to decide if he wants to join the gaming industry in striking down the California law that bans the sale of violent games to teens. If he does, he already knows how he’s going to it.

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big_silky3011d ago

Protect your own damn children. I'm tired of everything in this society being so damn focused around kids. "Don't make this, children might get it. Don't show that, children might see it. Don't curse on tv, children might hear it".

Children children children. You squeezed them out, you worry about them. Stop interfering with my life and my entertainment just because you felt the need to be a breeder.

Pardon my anger but "protect the children" always brings my pee to a boil.

Cevapi883011d ago

i wonder why the same question isnt asked about hollywood and the music industry...i do love me some double standards