Update On Halo: Reach Flaires and Halo PC CD Key Use

We now know what our special flairs will be in Halo: Reach. Bungie have filled us in on the situation in their weekly update. Here are the flairs and how to get them.

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CombatEvolving2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Just go to the official source . There is much more info their, as well as gameplay videos.

RockmanII72769d ago

1 - There are still places to buy Halo 1 for PC? I was looking to buy it a couple of months ago but gave up, if you know where I can buy it reply or PM me w/ a link.

2 - I got the The Septagon , Marathon, Halo 2/3/ODST, and Assault Rifle. I will definitly use HALO if someone gives me Halo 1 PC link, but if not I will use Marathon.

3 - WTF is wrong with the Marathon logo? Pic below is marathon logo, not that cat scratch.

Darkfocus2769d ago

I think the microsoft store still sells it

pat_11_52770d ago

The official source is linked in the story. I'm suprised they fell back on the flares things.

Nugundam00792769d ago

is it 12 or 13 pieces of flair?

Nihilism2769d ago

There is no hard limit, we encourage you to wear as much flair as possible, we want you to express yourself...

dvfaa2769d ago

haha best quote i've seen on N4G

Lemon Jelly2769d ago

I really wish they would bring Halo 3 to PC. I'd play the shit out of it.

pat_11_52769d ago

You can probably find a copy of Halo PC on eBay sonewhere.