The Xbox 360's Other Red Ring

Sure Microsoft has been flooded with a slew of Xbox 360s returned after blinking the dreaded Red Ring of Death, but not all of them were due to overheating.

When the console seizes up and dies, three of the "circle of light's" quadrants blink red, but when the video cable pops out four of the quadrants blink. Apparently, a large number of consoles returned to Microsoft with the dreaded Red Ring of Death were perfectly fine and just the victim of a bit of red ring hysteria.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3935d ago

Coming up next! The invisible RRoD!

nasim3935d ago

x360 is 100% defective .
Now the poor cable manufacturers are to be blamed. Those cables work perfectly on ps3 .

Then how come they are faulty???????????/

x360 is maded up of very cheap components and even asian manufacturers are not willing to make the x360 anymore

snoop_dizzle3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

All that happens is when you unplug the cable, all four light go off. It isn't faulty cables, though there probably are some.

as for the defect rate of the 360 its pretty bad though.

but thats kinda off topic

AngryTypingGuy3935d ago

Nasim, I've had it happen to me. When you don't plug in a cable all the way, the four lights come on. I can see how some people might think their console is broken if they don't know what the four lights mean.

I got four lights once when I hooked up a Nyko Intercooler and it wasn't plugged in all the way. I almost had a heart attack. I plugged it in again and it was fine. I've since realized that the Intercooler is not needed and did away with it.

By the way, the cables work perfectly on the 360 too. It's just that the 360 has a way of telling you that they're not plugged in all the way...that is, if you know what the four red light mean.

DeadIIIRed3934d ago

I'm sure that even if some idiot returned his 360 with no problems, Microsoft would just send it right back. Besides, I'm GUESSING that this only accounts for a small amount of people anyways.

laryforlife3934d ago

why do you troll 360 topics waiting to bash them all day, get a life, nobody cares what you think fanboy.

Real Gambler3934d ago

Step 1: Cut a piece of black tape about 1 inch long
Step 2: Stick the tape over the blinking clock

Voila: No more blinking clock ever!

You could also fix car problems like that... Overheating engine light is constantly on? Just remove the bulb or stick a tape over it.

Seriously, if you have a problem with ANY $400 appliance, electronic device, etc, you simply try almost everything before you ship it back!

Let me see, my PVR is not displaying on my tv anymore... Hmmmm, I won't check the cables, I won't turn it off, wait a bit and turn it back on. I won't do anything. I'll simply call to get another one??? Very bad gene pool somewhere in the world!

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Syko3935d ago

This is mostly the fault of the crap customer support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX. If they can't troubleshoot how many lights are blinking then they should be fired immediately. Out of 5 times I have called I got 1 guy that was helpful and totally helped me out with my problem. Just 3 days ago when I called to check on my repair status. The lady gave me the 4-6 weeks when it has already been two weeks. So I decided to try to stress her out by telling her I need to know if the 2nd heatsink was properly installed and if the 65nm chips were installed in my system. The line went silent for 35 seconds and then she came back and told me the only way to find out was to check when I got my console back. So I said "You want me to take apart my Xbox when it comes back?" another pause followed by "No you will void your warranty", So I told her she is dumb and was absolutley no help. Hopefully when they review the recorded tape she gets fired. =)

LOFT3163935d ago

the Blu ray disc's don't scratch and another thing the manual don't tell you is "Game for to long ie 2 hours and you too will see the Rings of Death

Syko3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I will when they have games I want to play that aren't on 360. That is all.

Ugly American3935d ago

I think I had the same lady for customer support. When I told her my 360 was scratching my disc, she put me on hold(to get somebody a little smarter on troubleshooting), and told me not to move my 360 while the disc is spinning. Color me angry. I told her there was no way that I could have been moving the console when I was across the room from it.

"Are you sure?"

Shoot me, please. And I have a PS3. And it works fine. Mainly because I have no games to play for it. And I might use it to blare my music through my stereo, but I can't create a playlist. Are you kidding me?! All of this functionality, but I can't but a few songs into the same folder. Hopefully this will get fixed in an update.

nobizlikesnowbiz3935d ago

Lol I did this once and flipped thinking my 360 RR'd.

Then I realized the cables were loose. Whew.

"Game for to long ie 2 hours and you too will see the Rings of Death"
-Thats funny. When I play XBL, I regularly game for over 4 hours, sometimes up to 12. Yea I know, I'm an XBL addict. But it pretty much makes your "can't game for over 2 hrs" point mute.

MetalProxy3935d ago

Can you fast forward your music yet??? I remember the 360 not doing that, which I thought was really stupid. Hopefully they added that important feature.

Ru3935d ago

1-800-4-MYXBOX Reps.
Com mon!
RedRings suck!
At least they repair em when they need too.

socomnick3934d ago

yea but the ps3 got no games dude

JasonXE3934d ago

it took the indian dude 20 mins to get my last name right.

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SuicidalTendencies3935d ago

Don't people read the manual that comes with the system?

Syko3935d ago

I think thats why the internet term RTFM was coined. People cant even look through a forum properly, They certainly can't be arsed to read a manual, LOL

The BS Police3935d ago

Why are people blaming Microsoft for disc scratches?

Because they are to lazy to read the manuel because it clearly says moving the console when a disc is in the console will scratch the disc.


thats just what i was thinking... i remember when it launched, people were getting red rings cos they didn 't blug the wires in or hadn't removed the seal on the cd tray....

Vip3r3935d ago

What's to say they're moving the 360 about when it scratched the disk?

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snoop_dizzle3935d ago

the video cable thing. It scared me when i first saw it, and this was before there was any news of the issue of the rrod

The BS Police3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I had the same problem before... untill I realised my Audio/Video Cables were not probably plugged in.

PS360PCROCKS3935d ago

UGH!!!!! I am so pissed off my console is broken again, can't even play the fuc*ing Bioshock demo, game I have been waiting on for over a year now. Tried that lame ass towel trick, doesn't work. If it weren't for the games I'd swear Microsoft off all together. This sucks SO BAD!!!! If I have to play anymore R:FOM or another PS2 game I'll kick my own self in the nuts :'(

Syko3935d ago

Thought you said your DVD drive was broke ?? And if it is the famous RRoD why haven't you sent it in for repairs yet? Or was it cause you opened it? Get to finding one with the HDMI port and swap the insides if you already opened it then return the broken one to the store.

PS360PCROCKS3935d ago

Yeah I am a dumbass, I opened mine...but only because Microsoft refused to fix it after it was past a year. But yeah it was DVD, now it's RROD and I wanna go return it but my bills are a little expensive as I just bought a new car and had to put down a few G's and I don't have $350 lying around...

Syko3935d ago

LMFAO, You got one with a bunk DVD drive and the RRoD. Wow that thing is like the old dog you gotta put down in your backyard. That Sucks dude I hope you get it fixed, I borrowed my friends PS2 in trade for letting him borrow my Wii so I can play Guitar Hero 80's until my 360 gets back. But nothing can replace the White Hot White box in my book. I need that b!tch back NOW!!

The 360 is just like a hot chick. She might not be the most reliable but the goods keep you hopping back on time and time again.

PS360PCROCKS3935d ago

Lol isn't that the truth, 360 is like a hot chick, not reliable but the goods keep you hopping on lol! and wtf I got a disagree because I said I took mine apart? Like WTF?

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