Bungie Weekly Update: 08/20/10

There are a measly twenty five days left until launch. If you wish to retain any hope of keeping your first experience with Halo: Reach as pristine as humanly possible, now is the time to pull the plug, stock your pantry, and sequester yourself in a small, poorly lit room while you wait for the 14th of September to arrive.

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jdktech20102978d ago

Give me the game need to wait until Sep 14th I say

wwm0nkey2978d ago

I will be using the Marathon Icon next to my gamertag :)

wwm0nkey2978d ago

Disagreeing with something Im going to do? Ok then.....

Socrates2978d ago

Only 25 days huh? You think it is easy to wait that long? ;) I can't wait.

STICKzophrenic2978d ago

I'm resisting watching the campaign footage as I don't want to be spoiled.

I did download the wallpaper with the exploding Covie Cruiser. It's secksi as hell.

As always, Bungie's weekly update is one of the reasons they're one of my favorite developers. I'm sure it's the same way with a lot of other fans. It's also part of the reason people continue to play Halo....Bungie keeps the community up to date with their happenings.

mrcash2978d ago

Halo gets alot of hate and it's fine, but I can understand why people love it and love bungie.Bungie listens to its fans and caters to them within reason, which is something a great developer should do.