SKATE: Tricky New Video

What this video shows us is that "organic" entails using an analogue stick to dictate moves rather than the traditional button-bashing.

When SPOnG caught up with Jay Balmer, associate producer on SKATE, he told them:

"Yeah, well we really wanted to bring the actual feeling of skateboarding to life, so from the initial design stages we asked ourselves 'OK what controls do we want to press to recreate the feeling of an ollie?' 'What feels right?' 'What would I want to do to grab the board?' 'What makes sense?'… So, we really developed that organically so it feels right."

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Infernus4056d ago

This is what I've wanted in terms of a skateboarding game since THPS went sour after the 4th iteration.

I want to have to learn my tricks rather than just press a few buttons to do it. I used to skate (for real) and learning how to ollie is actually the toughest skill for a fresh skater to master but the THPS games told wannabe skaters that it was as easy as pressing the X button, the THPS series brought along new skaters (Which was good) that got frustrated because it was harder than they previously thought.

"Go on, do a double hardflip", one said. "Ummm, alright, sure" another said, and went about breaking his ankle trying to pull it off first time all because it looked easy on a game.

Hopefully Skate will be the true game representation of real life skating, rather than THPS:PG.

Syko4056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

Ya, My favorite skateboarding game of all time is still Thrasher:Skate and destroy for the PSOne. At first it was hard to nail a kickflip to a grind but after playing it for a long time I pulled off a huge 900 transfer and was like OMG I thought it was never possible on this game. It was by far the best Skate sim to date. I hope this is close to that game.

The Real Joker4056d ago

I agree it is a great step but I have to say that this title will probably get lost amongst some power houses. That is unfortuate.

Salvadore4056d ago

The tricks one can make using the thumbsick seems endless.

Kudos for EA

Waffle-boy4056d ago

...But that video aint new.