Halo: Reach now available for illegal digital download

GamesRadar: The illegal version of Halo: Reach was made available by Individuals there were able to strip away special access restrictions on the downloadable title that required reviewers to enter a unique code.

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Dance2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

promoting piracy is awesome -_-

The real Colombian2712d ago

The fanboys are happy to see this news.lmfao as if this is gona stop the massive sales reach is gona get.

0mega42712d ago

will defiantly hurt sales.

hope that sony is able to squash there resent jailbreak

piracy really hurts developers

The real Colombian2712d ago

To a certain extent it hurts sales if it's just a regular release of a game.For example stranglehold would hurt more because it's not as major as a Halo release.Part of the fun is in not only the midnight madness that comes with Halo but the multiplayer is a major part.It's an event that even when people pirate something like halo they still go support the launch.The industrys that are really affected by pirating would be the music and movie.If anything the video leaks posted by pirates is more like free promo for Reach.Same goes for Uncharted or killzone and mario releases.Great games sell well no matter what.

darkziosj2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

yey download it now and get ban,all in 1 go just like MW2

AndrewRyan2711d ago

Games like Call of duty MW2 were obtained before the release date, and everyone who played before the release date had their xbox banned. I would not dare download this game!

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DNAgent2712d ago

"We’ve gotta say, GamesRadar does not support or endorse game piracy in any way, but by now Microsoft should know the equation: Putting a high-profile game online for download = someone will hack it. Guaranteed."

They don't support or endorse it. It's not promoting it, it's news explaining it.

ChronoJoe2712d ago

Torrent websites don't send out news bulletins though. I guarantee a lot less people would torrent this, if they didn't promote news on it.

It's support, but indirect. I mean it's been up to download for the past two days, but this is the first site that thought that warranted an article, stating that.

SOAD2712d ago

It was wrong of them to bring it to the attention of the internet.

It's like if they said to a bunch of people, "Hey guys. We're not promoting bank robberies, but the bank down the street's security guards are gone for the day and the panic buttons are disabled and the combination for the vault is inside as well. But we're just informing people of the news. We're not condoning any criminal activity."

Narutone662712d ago

like the hardcore 360 fans promoting the news saying the PS3 is hacked and giving the website to where you can buy the usb flash drive to hack the PS3.

WetN00dle692712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

^People would eventually find out with or without the promoting.

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scofios2712d ago

somehow its microsoft's own fault. for making it available on Xbox Live Marketplace a full month before its official retail release . why didn't they just send copy's to reviewers just like everybodyelse .

DeFFeR2712d ago

Because digital distribution is cheaper than shipping units all over the country...

Well... it WAS cheaper until all the sales lost from this incident...

scofios2712d ago

Ok that's why , i didn't know that .

iHEARTboobs2712d ago

But what would stop someone from taking the physical copy and copying it and share it over torrent sites? I'm a piracy noob so i don't really know if that's feasible or not.

hassi942712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )


They could still make it hidden where you have to redeem an xbox live code to download it, rather than making it available to all to download and see.


Yes but if they were sent physically then a reviewer would have to leak it, probably meaning the shutdown of their website.

DeFFeR2709d ago

@ Hassi94

Go to and look for it - it's not there. You have to have the specific link for that webpage to show up.

They DID try hiding it, lol.

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IaMs122712d ago

Actually if i was MS id let websites promote the HELL out of this
1. Free marketing in a way lol
2. Maybe not as many people will download it since its very well known now you wont be able to stay under the radar.

EVILDEAD3602712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

I can't WAIT for Reach..but I would never grab this one..

It's all bout the midnight launch and the excitement for me..

Every 360 gamer I know is talking about this game..most of us are plotting not being at work for the next 3 days after the Sep 14th launch..

The BIG ban is coming..can't wait to see all the spiders Microsft catches this time..

It's so good to be a gamer these days..I salute the real gamers that acually support their favorite console and games with their hard earned money..keep our hobby alive..


ukilnme2712d ago

I was planning on taking the entire week off after release but I had to cancel due to some deadlines. Damn, I hate being responsible sometimes.

ColJessup2712d ago

Come get some!

As for the pirates taking advantage of these leaks, congratulations. You've taken food out of the mouths of the families that work hard to bring us all the titles we love. If you like the games, buy the games. Every time I think of the layoffs the industry suffered last year it makes me want to personally track down each of the cheap ass gamers who think they don't need to pay for their titles and put them in a room with the programmers, artists and designers that have lost their jobs recently. Maybe that'll teach them a new found respect of the people they're robbing.

RedPawn2712d ago

They'll probably code this game also, like they did Forza and 1 other game, I can't remember.

MS is setting a lot of people up for failure.

BBAM2712d ago

Any publicity is good publicity as the saying goes

avengers19782712d ago

My suggestion is not to steal this game, MS will most likely ban the people that have it early.
Besides that if you're a real fan of the game you will want to pay for it so the people that made it get what's coming to them.

vhero2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

And they say ps3 getting hacked this week was the biggest piracy news? Trust MS to always trump it. They hate Sony getting the limelight :p LOL. But yeah... makes you wonder why devs like Bungie are now going multiplatform with this happening with EVERY major games release don't it?

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jay22712d ago

I told you guys that would happen when it hit the Marketplace, stil confused on the 2 bubbles gone but what ever, all I will say is these people make me sad.

Ravenor2712d ago

Gave you a bubble, no use denying the inevitable.

jay22712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Thank you, I couldn't believe/understand how I lost 2 in about an hour, I'm sort of looking forward to Reach.

I've returned the bubble.

Focker-4202712d ago

Same for me. The bubble system is flawed

8-bit2712d ago

Yeah same thing happened to me with my bubbles..

number472712d ago

or waits until December.

Moonboots2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Reading your comments. I can see why you lost bubbles.

You seem "DIS-KINECTED" from your own comments.

SOAD2712d ago

I lost 2 bubbles for calling someone an idiot for trolling a Halo thread. Not one, but two.

This new bubble system isn't good. The general population of the site is biased, and if the power to give and take is left up to them, the 360 fanboys will be down to one bubble, the PS3 fanboys will be up to 7 bubbles, and people like me will be down to 3 or 2. Mods got lazy.

CWMR2712d ago

So true, SOAD. It is truly a flawed system. If you had a community of rational and level-headed gamers then it might help to weed out the few trolls. But when the majority is comprised of irrational fanboys all you are doing is giving them the power to censor anybody that doesn't agree with their extreme view of things.

You are a level-headed gamer and I will give you bubbles ever chance I get.

iceman062712d ago

because you usually have something intelligent to say, even if I don't always agree. I just wish people would treat the bubble system the right way. I have only ever taken bubbles away from constant trolls. I'll give you and article or two to get whatever off of your chest. But, a troll is a troll!

iamnsuperman2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It is probably better doing what Gametrailers does and count the amount of agree and disagree and put them in a ratio like +3 if you have 20 disagree and but 23 agree. The bubble system means you can loose bubbles easily from fanboys and every time I am worried if fanboys will take my bubbles away....I know its really sad but....

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Prcko2712d ago

lol what a fail from microsoft,what a NOOOBS i cannot belive this!

Narutone662712d ago

a ploy by MS. Get as many people who owns a 360 to download an illegal game, then when the game is going to be release, ban the hell out of everyone who's playing the illegal game. That will instantly make the sale of the 360 console easily top more than 3 million in one week. Aaron Greenberg will be bragging that the 360 outsold the PS3 by 6 to 1.

kasasensei2712d ago

You are probably right...

siyrobbo2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Wrong, if it's ripped from marketplace you can only use it on a jtag console, which aren't that common and definately can't be used online

CaptainAmerica2712d ago

Oh look, the trolls have gathered.

KILLERAPP2712d ago

Wow that special edition looks sick…

Cajun Chicken2712d ago

Christ. What's with all the consecutive piracy here?

Moonboots2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Agreed Cajun.

Let me add....

This is something that MS has to deal with. All this does is bring attention to the availability of it. It's not news unless you are a pirate or some immature person who wants to get a snicker at MS's expense.

The thing is piracy is not funny. These developers, at least the guys in the back are not making cash hand over fist. The guys doing the rocks and shrubs get a sinking feeling in their stomach when they find out their hard work is now being taken for free. I know some of them and they understand it's inevitable but they hope it doesn't happen until at least release day.

darkdoom30002711d ago

Pirates are scum. hatehatehate em.