MotorStorm Apocalypse gameplay video shows a city crumbling

If you’ve been anxious to get your hands on MotorStorm Apocalypse, you’re going to have to wait a bit longer, but at least you can see the game in action.

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talltony3040d ago

Is severely underrated, maybe this will game will get it the attention that it deserves. Game looks insane, Day 1

SeanRL3040d ago

This build looks almost cell-shaded at parts, not that that's a bad thing, but it's a interesting look for the game.

mercsfan3040d ago

this game just doesn't More like a chore :/


sikbeta3040d ago

This one is the game that will do justice for the Whole MotorStrom franchise, Epic Game, Day One for sure

MotorStorm:Apocalypse FTW!!!

FACTUAL evidence3040d ago

Never really cared for the motor storm series, but I think I'm going to check this one out.

marinelife93040d ago

Who picked that music it was terrible

Focker-4203040d ago

Still an early build but looks fantastic regardless!! Day 1 all the way. Seems really intense.

big_silky3040d ago

Looks cool but I hope they increase the sense of speed.

alphakennybody3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

The sense of speed is perfect from what I'm seeing. In ms, the sense of speed depends on what kind of the vehicle you drive. For example smaller nimble vehicle like a rally car you'll feel very fast on the other hand if you drive a Big Rig( big truck) you'll feel slower. Then there's also the track, the wider( Most MS track so far are very wide) it get the slower you'll feel the tighter it is you'll feel like a speed devil.

mastiffchild3040d ago

Yeah, MS CAN feel like it's slower than most games but the wide tracks often play a part in that-the tighter ones in the first game always felt much more like you were really flying than the more sparse, expansive ones-and I totally agree with Eddy Raja that it's mostly a choice of what you drive that makes you feel fast or slow.

I'd go a bit further, though, in Motorstorm's defense here because, to me, switching from say, a buggy, bike or rally car to a big rig in the games actually gives you that accelerator frustration that you'd get in real life from going from a quick vehicle to a big, slower one. That sense of inertia(I think it's about the right word)is really well done in the series and should you manage a tight win in one of the trucks or rigs over the nimbler vehicles you really feel like you managed something good!

You can still feel you're travelling pretty fast even in a rig, mind, if you're boosting downhill on a narrow one, crushing everything in your path. I think these are some of the subtler, but still clever and effective design cues that the series NEVER seems to get enough credit for.

The course in this video, imo, would feel very different in a different vehicle and,again, it's clever because of the rep[lay value offered up by changing the whole feel of a track/course so easily and in so many ways just by using a different vehicle and the different routes that become closed or open to you as well as the differing senses of speed. I just think there's much more to the series than many notice or care to mention and it merits better.

Focker-4203040d ago

It all depends on what vehicle you choose.

rajman3040d ago

Wow just re-upload my edited video and post it on your site, this is the original (uploaded before this)

whothedog3040d ago

MS: Pacific Rift was great can't wait for this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.