Celebrating 25 Years of 8-Bit: The Significance of the NES

With the 25th-anniversary milestone of Nintendo's gray box looming, Jeremy -- who was born a mere two months for before its U.S. debut -- took the opportunity to look over the console's storied history.

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JamesDeRosa2978d ago

I wish I could go back and play some of my favorite NES games for the first time.

Sadie21002978d ago

I would amend that to say, I wish I could do it again, but without the context of more modern games. :)

skyblue142132977d ago

It is my my first and favorite console also, though I was born in January of the same year(1985), though It was not until I was about 4 and a half years old until I played my first video game which was super mario bros, those were some good times. I played the nes so much that I went through about 4 consoles. One time I literally had to take the nes case off and just plug the cartridge into the cartridge pin connector slot with no spring mechanism and just pushed the cartridge down slightly to get the games to work properly. Of course I still know a few other tricks on how to get the games to work due to a design flaw in the original nes model.

Paul_Gale2976d ago

Mine still works! I love this system...go Nintendo!