Clive Barker - the Next Tom Clancy?

Codemasters is hoping its new relationship with writer Clive Barker will continue once development has finished on horror FPS Jericho, possibly producing a range of titles under the Barker name, rather like Ubisoft's Tom Clancy series.

Speaking exclusively to IGN, Jericho producer Joe Falke noted that Barker has a "massive back catalogue of stuff" that could be used to create videogames and that the author "wants to extend his reach to new audiences".

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aggh im on fire4059d ago

Having talents like Clive's on board the game industry can only be a good thing. Heres hoping for a title based on 'Weaveworld', that would be most welcome.

RadientFlux4059d ago

I agree Weaveworld would make a great series of video games or even an mmorpg.

Clive Barker is also creating this wonderful book series for Disney that would also make a great game.

Rhezin4059d ago

Disney? F that he needs to stick to what he does best. GORE GORE GORE

Bolts4059d ago

The Clancy brand launched with AAA titles since day one, and it never stopped. As for Barker, Jericho and his other titles were largely ignored.

MK_Red4059d ago

Clive Barkers only other game is Undying which score above 9/10 from every major site and was nominated for GOTY from every big mag out there.

But I agree that he lacks the buzz.

HELLFIREV14059d ago

Is picking up pace. All they need is agood showing of in-game footage or a decent demo.

MK_Red4059d ago

While Clive Barker's books and some of his movies are better IMO, there are 2 huge problems:
1.CodeMasters is way smaller than Ubisoft.
2.CodeMasters is way dumber than Ubi, almost killing its games with bad or weak advertising (How the game was mostly ignored during E3).
3.His games / subjects are too adult and M rated for general public's taste.