GameSpot: Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade Updated Impressions

GameSpot writes: "We’ve already seen extensive portions of the Richard The Lionheart campaign in the strategy game that’s based on historical events that occured during the Third Crusade and Europe’s battle against the forces of Saladin. However, we did take the time to look at one mission in that campaign in which Crusaders are looking to take the city of Acre, which happens in three states. First you have to take and hold the port then you have to take and hold siege points before you can finally storm the walls of the city. Just to give an idea of how detail-oriented this game is, you have to be aware that invading a port inherently means your units can only arrive in waves, so the troops you decide to bring in the first wave (whether they’re foot soldiers, archers, cavalary, etc) need to hold the line until reinforcements can arrive".

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