Mafia II Coming To OnLive With Early Access Starting August 24th

Game Blend "OnLive users are going for the win when it comes to Mafia II's launch, as they will be able to access the game slightly earlier than most others on launch day, and without all the fancy PhysX and Nvidia requirements that is bound to bog down other PC gamers."

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rekof3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

First fix the damn thing on pc,.. demo has serious problems with physx drivers? do they even work,..??
There are so many bugs ingame,.. it is stupid,.. And for what is shown ,..I've seen alphas more polished,.. We should have much better framerate,.It is sometimes worse than the console demos,.. (not really but it is not what I payed 1700euros for)
Love Mafia,.. Still going to play the shit out of it,..You guys fucked it up,..

cyguration3009d ago

PC gaming really is dead. Poor PC gamers get the gimpiest of gimped ports for 10 bucks less than their console counterparts.

I've yet to play a recent game with a decent PC port that didn't require 20+ patches just to work right. Remember GTAIV, Borderlands, Saints Row 2, Call of Juarez 2? If it's not some indie title don't expect it to work right until a year later (unless they just dump the game altogether like THQ did with SR2).

ChronoJoe3009d ago

Interesting they'd release early on Onlive though.

I'm European so it's not exactly a service I can make use of without surpassing my bandwidth caps, but it's interesting. Maybe by the time Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo are championing it, the rest of the world will be setup to make good use of it.