VGC Review: Sumo Sway Lounge Chair

Brian Zucker writes "Enter the all-new SUMO beanbag chair, the Sway. In short, this is the best product SUMO has ever made. What do I dislike about the Sway? To be honest, not a lot. In fact, I can rarely find time to sit on the thing because my roommate is always on it. If I were to recommend any SUMO product for gaming use, it would be the SUMO Sway.

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ThanatosDMC3037d ago

Are they advertising the girl or the chair... cuz those pictures were highly confusing.

naznatips3037d ago

I could use a new game chair. Might be worth getting.

Cajun Chicken3037d ago

That's a nice way to review a chair.

LeShin3037d ago

There was a chair????!

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The story is too old to be commented.