Joystiq Preview: Goldeneye 007 (single player)

Joystiq writes: "We already said this when we talked about the multiplayer gameplay in the upcoming Wii version of Goldeneye 007, but it bears repeating: This is not your Goldeneye N64 game all prettied up. In fact, an eyes-on walkthrough of the game's Jungle level at Gamescom this week showed off just how much first-person-shooter game design has changed in the last 13 years".

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GuruStarr783036d ago

I'm afraid that this game sounds like theyre just whoring out the goldeneye name and making another bad bond game.....

If they were really re-making goldeneye (from N64) it would be basically the same game from back then with modern-era graphics....this game sounds more and more like a totally different game with the goldeneye name slapped on it to sell copies....I'm scheptic about this one....will definitely wait for some reviews and possibly gamefly it, before making a purchase...