The Trouble with Trophies

Patrick Velky Writes: For quite some time now, I’ve kept a terrible secret. I’ve done everything I could to rectify the situation, but all I can do is ask for your forgiveness and understanding. I’m aware that I am probably a part of a minority of gamers who would say this, but I, Patrick Velky, Sony fan since ’95…despite Trophies. Oh, the shame!

Before my crucifixion, I want to clarify the source of my frustrations. I have no problem with the idea of Trophies. We live in tough economic times, and gaming is not a cheap hobby. Trophies are a built-in mechanism to extend a game’s natural lifespan. However, I feel that this Trophy-obsessed gamer culture that is being created isn’t natural. I understand the desire to milk every ounce of playability out of a game. I do. But I don’t understand those who will spend hours shooting for Platinum in a game that they don’t even like.

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xYLeinen3009d ago

Good read. He got many valid points and he is trying to be VERY humble about it.

GuruStarr783009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

its just a shame that the idiots that have been trolling n4g wont see it that way and will probably blast his article before they even read it......i don't understand fanboys (I've given up trying to)....I really don't understand being a "fan" of anything....what drives people to hang from someone or somethings "nuts"?....

FarEastOrient3009d ago

I part of the camp that doesn't mind trophies because of the simple fact that it made me play more games. If it wasn't for trophies I wouldn't have shot for the Platinum in Mini Ninja, Hanna Montana, every ending for Fallout 3, Resistance 2, and several others.

At the same time hunting for trophies is making me play older games like Godfather II, Tomb Raider, and GTA IV over again. It will be my second time playing GTA IV since it didn't have trophies the first time around.

poindat3008d ago

Yeah, it made you play more games and get a greater variety of experiences... But I'd say that playing something such as Hannah Montana just for the trophies is a bit of a negative. Unless you enjoyed the game that is, I'm not judging! :D

Anyways, I do agree with you to an extent; trophies do help me get more out of my games than I would have otherwise. The key is finding a balance between enjoyment and trophy hunting; I would never play a game I don't enjoy just for trophies, but at the same time they help me get more enjoyment out of a game that I already like.

So I guess I'm a bit split on trophies, but overall, given the right game, they do generally enhance the experience, for me at least.

Baka-akaB3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Even if i like trophies a bit , i find horrendous to play crappy games to inflate a score .

Wanting to achieve everything you like and own is one thing , but being a junkie and a "whore" bleh ... but it's your life

Elimin83008d ago

Echoes my sentiment. I've said over and over that Sony should implement a ''disable trophy'' feature... More power to those who love it but it is sought of distracting. especially when the trophies are easy as all hell and/or time consuming... I will also say that while I did find it interesting at first, it has distracted me somewhat especially the online trophies.. Online games aren't played like it use to.. Unless you play with friends...

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FACTUAL evidence3009d ago

"But I don’t understand those who will spend hours shooting for Platinum in a game that they don’t even like."

That's what you call a trophy whore. Not saying that the author is a troho, but I'm saying, you should buy games that you're interested in. If someone wants to spend hours upon hours just for trophies let them be. Obviously it's their hobbie(OCD I TELL YA) and their money.

I won't lie, I had my times spending hours on games I really didn't like that I bought, but i had interest in the game just to find out it sucked(Farcry 2, prince of persia, anything ubisoft). I'm a completionist so I always like to do my best with the games I purchased.

BrianC62343008d ago

I wouldn't know if he made any good points since his site can't handle any traffic. All I get is wait...wait...wait. But what does despite trophies mean? Is that what he really wrote? I see it on the N4G page. I think he meant despise. How about having someone proofread your work people? If you actually think it's worth the time for other people to bother reading you can at least make sure it isn't full of errors. There's a huge difference between despite and despise.

illacquiredtaste3007d ago

BrianC, I can assure you that on the Playstation Unlimited site, it clearly says "despise," not "despite." I'm not sure why it shows up as "despite" in the snippet of the article on N4G, but believe me, I know the author and he is a perfectionist when it comes to grammar.

WildArmed3008d ago

I agree about what he is saying...
but, quite frankly, let others do shit they want to.
They wanna grind for hours and hours over a platinum they despise.. good for them?

Idc really. I know a few (1-4 ppl at max) who do this, but it really never affected my gaming/trophy loving.

Honestly, IMO, this isn't much of a reason to hate trophies.. than the users.

It's like saying guns are bad because when a thief shoots you, you die.
Well, no.. but I understand where you are going with this.
IN THE WRONG HANDS, guns are dangerous.

luckily, trophies pose no danger to anyone (unless you are ego-istical about having ur friend with 80 more plats than you)

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Focker-4203009d ago

I only hunt for trophies on games that I enjoy.

Side note - that pic of Kratos is awesome

pixelsword3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

Funny thing though; in this article's picture depicting Kratos he has in the trophy's writing: "trophy unlocked". No PS3 game has the term "trophy unlocked" that I've seen. That's a 360 term.

man0fsteel3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

All of those pics are photoshopped. Even the Metal Gear Solid 2 one. It was just used for a hidden punchline, thats all :p

FunAndGun3009d ago

is that they are awesome!

gamingisnotacrime3009d ago

and that is because i played that game like 9 time from begining to end and the trophies just kept popping, except for some specific ones, the plat i got from uncharted 1 was a labor of love, not of milking or trophy whoring. is the game im going for, not the trophy

Redempteur3008d ago

i have only 3 plat and that's because i plat the game i enjoy .simple as that

if you have trouble with it just don't pay attention

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