Why Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's Multiplayer May Seem Familiar

Brian Crecente of Kotaku: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood doesn't come out until mid November, but you may have already played the multiplayer, or a form of it.

The first time I tried my hand at the fun, addictive, very unusual multiplayer for Assassin's Creed, it reminded me of another game: the free iPhone game, Assassin's Creed II Multiplayer.

That's because, graphics aside, the two games are nearly identical.

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jdktech20102918d ago

Can't wait for the beta in october.....that will decide whether I buy the game

Redempteur2918d ago

exactly ..i agree some aspects of the multiplayer might be fun (not even innovative ) but i'll reserve my judgement after trying it ...
AC2 disapointed me BIG time with their DLCs and the way the story ended ...

ChronoJoe2918d ago

Too many people are gay for Etzio.

It's happens with a lot of games... cool looking character and concept and it seems to make the mainstream believe the game is better than it is. I think the AC series is decent though, the first was very fairly rated and the second was a little overated as reviewers failed to point out many of it's flaws to the consumer.

jdktech20102918d ago

See, I play the games and not the reviews...I could care less if it's overrated or not. It was a fun game but I wouldn't have bought this one without multiplayer because as much as I love singleplayer games, 60 bucks is too much for just 10-15 hours.

I'll see how it plays instead of judging it before the game is even out like some people have done

ChronoJoe2918d ago

As do I.

My favourite game being Lost Planet 2, a game which saw a poor reception, at best. I think AC2 has seen more success than it deserves though. I wished more deserving, truly unique IPs (AC2 isn't that imaginative) could see the credit AC2 has.

Nerox32918d ago

the reason i never got any part of the series is combat
ur supposed to be an assassin,i know its all about sealth and stuff
but when u r forced to fight,ur supposed to be offensive and fast,in AC ur defensive and too slow,even for should be called Templar's Creed...
make him fast!!hes a FUCCKING ASSASSIN!!!

TheGameFoxJTV2918d ago

I'd like to see you wear all that equipment and weapons while blazing around. Be real dude, a 7 on 1 fight would end horribly in real life if he didn't fight defensively.

Blackpool2918d ago

yea im trying out beta 1st to see if its good