Getting Into Mafia II

It’s the Friday before Mafia II’s release in North America (Aug. 24), and there's a few exciting pieces of news and information to share!

Mafia II has an impressively huge song list and their all listing below.

We also have the last video in the series of web videos for Mafia II.

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mbmanhattan2978d ago

Its ok PS3 gets the shit end of the stick. ALWAYS

Dead Space lead platform was ps3 and it dibs in the low 20 fps while the 360 held onto 30 fps. Mafia 2 18fps in combat. with no grass no hd lighting and less blood REALLY Ps3 Really?!?!

Yes i own a ps3 and sony pisses me off

Face-Off: Modern Warfare 2
November 12th, 2009

"There's no two ways about this - the Xbox 360 version of the game commands a significant frame-rate advantage over the PS3 build." - digital foundry

So it's safe to say Black Ops will be better on the 360. But not as good as pc

Yardie2978d ago

Just enjoy the game when it comes out, lifes too short to be crying over this.
You're getting this for the 360, so the ps3 version shouldn't bother you.

On topic: I really like the soundtrack, i remember when all these song first came out, watching the children doing the lindy hop, now we're stuck with Soulja boy and the rest of the BET crew.

comp_ali2976d ago

yep. I'll be geting the superior version aka PC.

Kingdom Come2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

With the Made-Man Pack and a Second Pack (Not Sure of the Title), I simply can't wait for this game. Even though there has been controversy over who's version is better, seriously guy's let's just quit the arguing and just enjoy a superbly developed game. It's just grass...

Vip3r2976d ago

You can buy the original PC version for around £3 on amazon. Well worth it imo.

Tripl3seis2976d ago

im getting the game on my ps3 i was waiting for this game to come out and im getting it no matter what

pr0digyZA2976d ago

Cool go get it. It's going to be an awesome game. Don't listen to the negative press it's going to be good fun no matter what platform.

z03fke2976d ago

Will buy it on ps3 or PC , will check the reviews lateron.