Why Kane & Lynch 2 Failed

Kane and Lynch can’t seem to catch a break and one would really think they would be able to given all the content that comes with that franchise.

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xYLeinen2951d ago

I don't like that games now a days are categorized into two types of games. Either they fail or they succeed. Games can do just okay you know. In the end it's really what we enjoy playing and if they profit from their games so they can continue with sequels or other projects.

clank5432951d ago

bad marketing, run of the mill gameplay, uninspired characters, boring story. Its a good game technically, but it just doesn't differentiate itself from other games at all.

darkequitus2951d ago

I am playing it now, and it is not that bad. I prefer it to the first one. I am knocking through the chapters rather quickly though. About 20 minutes a pop.
It is not the best game in the work, but a good enough distraction until Mafia II, Spiderman and Reach

Bnet3432951d ago

I just got two reasons: The recoil on the guns is ridiculous and the film grain is annoying and ugly.

CrzyFooL2951d ago

Uh, pretty sure it's about to go platiunum. Soooo it failed? Also it rox.