GC2010: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Screens and Factsheet

Ironstar: "Check out the screens below, and also find a factsheet and some other details on Killzone 3."

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Timberland2K92802d ago

The multiplayer is going to be bananas, I have faith in Guerrilla to balance it. They've been working very hard, and despite the COD heads complaining about every little F***ing thing, they will have a complete game to cater to both sides.

Good work Guerrilla, and have a successful Killzone 3.

PS: You deserve it!

ipwnall2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Everything here is old...

Why the disagrees? Here:

2 months old.

Was posted 10 hours ago.

ipwnall2802d ago

@Major Jack Hoff

I lol'd.

8-bit2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I *HEAR* you can't spell - FIXED

ipwnall2802d ago

8bit, he was making fun of me.

I wrote "Everything hear is old".

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talltony2802d ago

GAME PERIOD! This will raise the bar again just watch!

8-bit2802d ago

Disagrees are funny because they are pissed they can't play on their 360s

Focker-4202802d ago

Thats ok, they still have Mass Eff... Oh wait, thats right.

Odin7772802d ago

There's always Halo 5.

DecoyOctopus2802d ago

i didnt think the graphics could look any better than in kz2 i was wrong

talltony2802d ago

and treezy you played it havent you? I think you need to reassure all these disagreers exacty how good this game looks.

Pillage052802d ago

Don't start that $h1t again...

ahhh who am I kidding...I'm gonna lose my life to this game just like KZ2. Thanks for setting me back a semester of college GG.

I see there's gonna be a lot of changes to KZ multiplayer. I hope they're all for the better as KZ2 is one of my all time favorites. I'm usually not a fan of vehicle combat though so hopefully they are able to do it right.

worm20102802d ago

Geez i'm gonna be broke next year with all these games coming out, i need to get another job

Malebaria2802d ago

I'm still anxiously waiting for the announcement of a Co-op mode of some sort but everything else looks amazing.

bjornbear2802d ago

mechs and jetpacks FTMFW!! FPS GOTY 2011 (sorry guys, The Last Guardian will be over all GOTY of 2011 xD)

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