Mafia II PS3 Has No Required HDD Installation

Mafia II will see release on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 early next week and the game has been receiving a lot of attention lately. While most of the commotion has been about the PS3 version lacking in graphical presentation compared to the Xbox 360 and PC, gamers around the country are still eagerly anticipating the release of Mafia II. Finally, some good news for those planning to buy the PS3 version.


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Motorola2916d ago

Thats good but Id rather a HDD install with all the things the 360 version has

Jeff2572916d ago

Agreed. If a HDD install meant that the game would look and run better then that is the route they should have gone. As it stands now I will be saving my money for future games and may pick this up later when it is much lower in price.

Blaze9292916d ago

maybe they should have went with a mandatory install judging from that demo they released and all the news that has come from the PS3 version of the game since that demo came out.

Motorola2916d ago

Oh well. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes :D

Playerz82916d ago

Maybe that's why Mafia 2 kinda sucks. (on ps3)

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raztad2916d ago

I dont see how not using a standard feature of the system can be classified as "good" news.

If 5G of the disk were needed to have a decent improvement in performance I would gladly install the game.

Well, whatever. PC at some point later in time for me.

Vip3r2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I thought it was 3.2GB install?


nickjkl2916d ago

sooooo as if we care like do they really think no hdd install will make everything sugar and rainbows

Elven62916d ago

Free exclusive DLC and no HDD install...

They are definitely trying, what more do you want?

HelghastKid2916d ago

Lmao nick dont steal sazh's lines!

nickjkl2916d ago

dammit elven you caught me

whether they are trying or not it doesnt change the fact that the ps3 version is far worse than it should be

morganfell2916d ago

I want the lame attempts at excuses tossed out the window.

I want competent development that isn't on par with lame 2007 reasoning.

I want a development team that doesn't laugh about the entire affair on their company website.

DaTruth2916d ago

I want a half decent looking game!

BTW: Nice to have five bubbles again, but I still miss my other four!

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The story is too old to be commented.