Six Reasons to Buy a PS3

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"It's funny, I've been labeled a fanboy of nearly every console brand made. I guess you could say I'm just a fan of console games in general. I usually have no qualms with speaking whats on my mind about something. Recently I've been labeled an Xbox/Microsoft fanboy more than anything else. To be perfectly clear I really don't like Microsoft, I despise most of their products and I'm actually in the process of migrating from XP to Ubuntu (or at least dual booting). I do quite like the Xbox, but that is only because as a gamer the Xbox brand has delivered the goods. The games they make for the console fit my tastes and many of the features are things I'd been begging for ANYONE in the industry to implement for years now."

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TheMART4024d ago

I have the most important reason not to do so:


For sure not now. Wait untill those games are here. MGS4 in 2008, FFXIII in 2008. Unproven IP's now.

Waiting is better with PS3. That the price drops to a normal one. 300 to 400 dollar/euro. And the content is there. And home and online is evolved to what XBL is offering.

Only then one can make a good comparing. Now any reason to buy a PS3 isn't a good one.

Blood_Spiller4024d ago

Bioshock, Mass Effect, Two Worlds, Assassins Creed, Army of Two, Too Human, all are unproven IP's yet they are drawing lots of hype. Just because something is an unproven IP doesn't mean it cannot/will not sell systems and/or be a AAA game. Gears of War was an unproven IP and look how many systems it sold. I fail to see the point in your post.

DrPirate4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Wow Mart, that was actually an intelligent reply. Kudos to you. I'll bubble you for once.

The PS3 DOESN'T have games right now. Sure, it's nice Sony gives us something to look forward to, but the truth is that, we don't got anything new to play.

Sony continually updates their firmware improving functionality everytime, but the honest to God truth is that, most of that simple functionality should have been there from the beginning.

The PS3 will be a good console, it just had a lame-ass start. Look at me, even I got the PS3 for games that were coming in 08. I only Paid 400 US for the 60 gigabyte model, so the venture was worth it for me, I don't see myself paying 659 (Canadian) for this.

When these games do come, then we'll see what kind of a machine the PS3 is.

Violater4024d ago

Didn't get this months check from Microsoft did you?

toughNAME4024d ago

back to the article

i think ill pass
atleast until some decent games come out
AND i get some cash considering all the 360 games that are coming out


macalatus4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )


"MGS4 in 2008, FFXIII in 2008. Unproven IP's now."

Right. At least we know that we're not forever going to just play Halo 3 like people with your level of intelligence. Wait a minute...DO YOU EVEN HAVE INTELLIGENCE?!?

Keyser4024d ago

I don't really understand your logic but I'm sure it makes sense to you some how.

I just turned on my 360 today to download Boishock. It hadn't been on for a month! I'm one of those peope who got my 360 for Halo. I'm no fanboy so I'm not going to say that I haven't enjoyed games on my 360 because I have (1 of 4 people who actually liked Kameo) but my PS3 has been keeping me incredibly occupied. Playing demo's on the 360 doesn't count as a game. If games go multi I normally get the PS3 because of the controller.

This is what I will assume about you TheMart, the PS3 doesn't have games that interest you and that the line up doesn't interest you either except for the major sellers (FF, MGS). I also will assume that you indeed enjoy most of MS products as well as the 360 and it's line up.

Honestly, I like most of the games in the PS3 lineup and some games on the 360's lineup. I would be pissed if I didn't have both. Too many good games.

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TriggerHappy4024d ago

Nice written article, best i have seen so far. This is very interesting because an "X360 fanboy" writes why people need the console..Now that is something you dont see everyday and the guy above me just proves it.

EDIT: TheMART is that guy

IRONMAN4574024d ago

just as much as gears so your point

toughNAME4024d ago

lol embaressing yourself man
re read your comment

masterg4024d ago

I would say that Gears is the only game on the 360 that has really moved any consoles.

For now we haven't seen any real system sellers on the PS3. Yet the PS3 has sold fine and is now outselling the 360 world wide with 2 weeks to the first great game in 6 month.

The great thing for the PS3 is that the system sellers are going out with and average of 2-3 weeks apart.

Wii60_FTW4024d ago

I'm not even going to point-out your logical fallacy, child. I just find it amazingly hilarious that you really thought Resistance caused a single soul to go out and spend 600 dollars on a BS3. LMAO!!!! Also, incase you forgot...RESISTANCE LAUNCHED ON THE SAME DAY AS THE CONSOLE ITSELF. So, of course people are going to have to BUY the console to play it. lmao. think much? Nope.

Says you4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

And of course theres a reason why no one should have the XBox 360 considering the damn! thing cant even pass a simple test by just turning it on without having it die! and oh its made by Microsoft to!.

sticky doja4024d ago

Games, I game right now. I don't have to wait on great games, they are already in my library and I will get back to them when I get off work. I get to look forward to more great games comming out all the time. I would much rather play great games right now on a system that might have to be fixed in the future, than to pay 500-600 to get a system that doesnt have many great games and sit and wait for the games to come. I will wait for the games to come and a price drop to at least the 300-400 range before I buy a PS3.

Ravenator5294024d ago

you should stop listing reasons to buy a specific console!

1. Everyone who reads your website already knows just about everything the PS3 has to offer!

2. Your six reasons will not persuede a single person.

3. Price will sway gamers! Not your opinions!

4. Games will sway gamers! Again, not your opinions!

5. Price will sway gamers! Yes, I threw that in there again because we all witnessed what a price drop can do for sales. It threw the PS3 from last to first in weekly sales for most retailers.

6. You're a turd! I love all console gaming too, but I don't waste my time listing reasons as to why I purchase my consoles or handheld gaming devices. If you had time to think up a list of reasons as to "why" you purchased a console, then you probably weren't sold on it to begin with!

Ravenator5294024d ago

I appreciate it and the favor has been returned.

Rasecul4024d ago (Edited 4024d ago )

Good post, bubbles as well, the first I ever give..

Time saves you money for your play, money gives you time to play.

Jo0j4023d ago

Am I the only one who actually read the full article?

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