Gran Turismo 5's Kart Mode Looks Like A Blast

Oh boy. There may not be any blue shells or banana peels lying around, but Gran Turismo 5's kart mode still looks like a lot of fun. And that could be crucial to the game's success.

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MaximusPrime2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"could be crucial to the game's success."
i LOL'd at that comment.

Even without Karts, GT5 is already going to be a success.

Kotaku is still considered a GT5 hater. We never forget your fake "slow" loading time. Its in our "Kotaku EPIC history of fails"

darkcharizard2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 will be a LOT of fun with this addition! It might just be the best racing game ever!

ps: We'll never forget Kotaku's blasphemy!

Bobbykotickrulesz2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Kotaku is so radical.

The coolest site ever.



Dee_912919d ago

if the driving part is not a thrill to you

driving simulators might not be for you lol

MaximusPrime2919d ago


LOL another fail comment from Kotaku

nickjkl2919d ago

kotaku is really trying to make them selves look better but its not going to work

rockleex2919d ago

No worries, just hop on over to the kart section and destroy their ass! >:D

Oh wait, kart racing still has realistic physics.


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BornToKill2919d ago

it's not like we expected anything better from Kotaku.

HeroXIV2919d ago

If GT5 didn't have Karts, didn't have NASCAR, didn't have WRC, didn't have night racing, didn't have dynamic weather it'd STILL be the best racing game of all-time. Kotaku is the worst of the worst.

himdeel2919d ago life...forever...until GT6 drops two days before the end of time.

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wissam2919d ago

This site is a total joke.

ActionBastard2919d ago

Like I needed another reason to buy this game.

LordMarius2919d ago

Why must GT5 and LBP2 be released in the same month? Both games have enough features to consume your whole life.

Car porn or Sackboy?

Montoya2919d ago

Everything about GT5 looks like LOTS of fun to be had. Between GT5 and LBP2 there is an insane ammount of gaming to be dealt with.

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