Pixeljunk 'lifelike' PS3 visualizer promo coming to TGS

Dale North from Destructoid writes "Sometimes you just find gaming news. I was taking a break from the morning news writing just now. I did what I usually do: look at photography sites for news and pictures. You should know that I'm a huge photo nerd. Today I was browsing Flickr for shots done with the GF1 camera with manual focus lenses and I noticed a very nice bug photo. I clicked it for details and found out a few things about...PixelJunk lifelike. Crazy, I know."

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Godmars2903036d ago

Why do I get the feeling that my, "why can't Sony just put a regular visualizer on the PS3" is about to be blown away...?

nickjkl3036d ago

lifelike i hope it has nothing to do with bugs

DA_SHREDDER3036d ago

Do I smell 3-D visualization coming from the west? Indeed,, I need to hurry and get a 3-D tv already.

nickjkl3036d ago

does anyone else feel that the ps4 will have like a holographic 3d xmb

N2G3036d ago

when ever i see the name pixeljunk i hope its news about pixeljunk monsters 2 :(

Makidian3036d ago

I would really like to see them do more planet visualizers like the Earth one. There are increible HD images of most planets they could do a lot with but I am sure whatever PJ comes up with will at least be unique.