Madden 11 Struggling to Meet Sales Expectations?

A look at whether early reports as to worry over Madden 11 sales carry much validity and thoughts as to how the game stands in the current marketplace.

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Montoya3010d ago

Hopefully people are catching on to what been going on for the last 7-10 years.

Alcohog3010d ago Show
aceitman3010d ago

they blame tiger for lack of sales. so whats the excuse now ?its the code thing .

Biggest3010d ago

They're even giving copies away with new SI subscriptions. I'd say they're having a tough time selling as they did in previous years.

AAACE53009d ago

The worst part is... this is actually the first Madden game worth buying for the past several years!

I have hated Madden games for a long time and it hurts for me to say that I actually like one of these games. But right when the game gets good enough to buy, EA puts the code thing in place to make people think twice about buying it!

NYC_Gamer3010d ago

when does the EA exclusive deal end?

sdclipper3010d ago

the license currently runs through Madden 13.

The_Zeitgeist3010d ago

Good choice using a pic with the Seahawks in it. GO HAWKS!!!!

SmokeyMcBear3010d ago

Go Raiders... another note.. there is a bar called the zeitgeist.. with the most hipster douchebag bartenders I have ever seen... just a note.

FreddySavage3010d ago

it certainly is a much better game than 07...but it makes me feel like "this is all they've managed to do in 4 years?"

i miss my 2K :) with the warren sapp on the cover goin hard lol

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The story is too old to be commented.