EGM explains why Lair's review was awful

If you had missed it, they were the first gaming website to review the game and game the game very low scores. According to the latest podcast from them, the sit down and discuss the reviews of the game.

Here is what they liked and hated about the game:

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Violater4023d ago

"The dragon shooting fireballs was odd and wasn’t realistic enough"

Seems they have "real" dragons over there at 1up.

TriggerHappy4023d ago

They wanted to sound as believable as ever, oh well am still getting that game.

MACHone4023d ago

Yup, it's a day one purchase for me, too.

Part of my three weeks of gaming goodness lineup:
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - August 28
Warhawk - August 28
Lair - September 4
Heavenly Sword - September 12

230 smackers in three weeks! Let's hope I have a decent paycheck next Tuesday.

ChronoTrigger874023d ago

"Seems they have "real" dragons over there at 1up."


marinelife94023d ago

>>"The dragon shooting fireballs was odd and wasn’t realistic enough"

Seems they have "real" dragons over there at 1up.<<


I can understand them disliking things about the game. I'm just wondering what made it so bad that they gave it such a low score.

gaffyh4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I don't trust 1up with PS3 reviews, they are all xbots. All the negatives that they expressed were all their opinions, how does it make the game bad?

"They thought the dragon was a re- skinned x-wing" - So x-wings flap their wings now? They don't know the first thing about 3D modelling and texturing.

"The dragon shooting fireballs was odd and wasn’t realistic enough" - Real dragons apparently don't shoot fireballs, seems 1up have evidence of mythical creatures not shooting fireballs.

"The game had no map and someone asked if the graphics were good and he said “its High Def” and he didn’t like the colors used,everything was brown and Grey." - Not everything in real life is bright blue and red.

"They didn’t like the art style and said the game lacked innovation." - So that means every sequel ever made also is crap inluding Halo 3, MGS4, Mario???

They need to publish a retraction in my opinion, these comments show how biased they were before they even reviewed the game.

nasim4023d ago

LAIR is the most visually impressive game ever created and contains 20x more poly than GEARS

and it is only possible on the PS3

DAY 1 purchase for doubt
IGN: Quick Fanboy wars question -- Could Lair be done under its current spec on the Xbox 360? If so, why go with the PlayStation 3 "only" instead of going cross-platform?

Eggebrecht: Lair in its current form couldn't be done on 360. We are using large amounts of Cell's SPUs for all of our geometry, landscape, simulations, animations, even troop AI. When we create a game, we absolutely focus on the platform it is designed around. Would we do one for 360, it would be a different game and a different engine -- most crucially perhaps though: Lair is an entirely different game without the motion control and gesture recognition since it was designed around it.

Each model, Worch claimed, contained somewhere between 100,000 and 170,000 triangles. Each had a bunch of other special maps and lighting applied, and the main character was built up with "over ten textures". He compared this to an estimated 10,000 for characters in Gears of War and other recent high-res games. The high-res models, meanwhile, that got dithered down to produce the in-game models, ran up around 5,000,000 triangles.

MK_Red4023d ago

1.Awesome comment.
2.I think your post just broke the record of the biggest number of "Agree" responses!

Wii60_FTW4023d ago

if lair is the best they've got to offer. they are doomed. and don't even get me started on le$bian sword. lol

redsymphony4023d ago

lol thats some funny sh!t but for real how realistic can a game get that deals with dragons lol f**kn idiots thats why i dont get there magazines anymore cause there bullsh!t besides everything that can be found in there sh!tty magazine could be found online lol R.I.P EGM

XxZxX4023d ago

The dragon shooting fireballs was odd and wasn’t realistic enough"

Seems they have "real" dragons over there at 1up.

HAhahaha GOLD!!!

I think they are 3 ppl in N4G seem to see "real" dragon too. 50 ppl haven't

DeadIIIRed4023d ago

How am I expected to take these guys' opinion seriously when early in the podcast they start ripping on the PS3 and somehow glorify Microsoft's defective systems.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4023d ago

EGM sucks, they've become a farce of a magazine.

To me, Gamespot = EGM = 1up. And, thus, I fully expect Gamespot to give Lair a poor score as well (7.5 or below). All 3 entities (GS, EGM, 1up) are owned by CNET and all 3 suck.

dragunrising4023d ago

The review crew at EGM gave the game a low score because they slept with the dragon in Lair and it gave them herpes. ¡STFU!
You can be objective or you can sound dumb like my comment...
I hope the game is better than they claim it is. Excited to try it out. Fanboys grab your pitch forks and torches!

Omicronn4023d ago

"Seems they have "real" dragons over there at 1up."

haha that was great

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MACHone4023d ago

Motion controls were "cool?" Throughout half of their reviews, all they ragged on was terrible controls and poor ground combat! Either these guys are hypocrites or this is total BS.

Tell me this, if the motion controls are garbage and the dragons are too difficult to control, then why in all the gameplay videos do I see no one having a hard time controlling the dragons?

TriggerHappy4023d ago

that is what confused me, how can something they claim is "confusing" be "cool" ?

AznSniper4023d ago

I think they are BSing the game.

Odion4023d ago

I always thought it looked freaking wierd how the dragon was spitting fireballs out like a machine gun and people were just holding it down.

AznSniper4023d ago

well find a friend who is getting the game and try it out for urself then see how it really is

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TheExecutive4023d ago

I can see the dragons and fireballs stuff... it did seem a little off. Maybe thats what they were fixing with the delay- it would be possible to do that. Art direction and colors go hand in hand and is absolutely SUBJECTIVE.

I find it strange that they thought motion control was "cool" all of a sudden. If they didnt like the art and color thats fine. I think its kinda cool.

Also, I think they may be right about a map... however, if they think that the fireballs arent realistic enough why would they want a map? I didnt know that dragons came with radar now.

Its good to hear that ground combat is fun.

FordGTGuy4023d ago

This game was delayed after it went gold. I'm sure there was something wrong with it to justify the bad review and the late delay.

Ri0tSquad4023d ago

I played it its like a 9/10 in my book.

sticky doja4023d ago

How did you get to play it?

Ri0tSquad4022d ago

Man these people giving it bad reviews are idiots!