GamesCom: Exclusive interview about Mafia II

PS3Life had the opportunity to have an interview with Jarek Kolár, senior gameplay producer of Mafia II. For the occasion, I've written the interview completely in English (without any translators etc). So please, feel free to check it out!

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bashesh2671d ago

I was very excited for this game. I loved the first one. But sadly after playing demo on my PS3 I wont be getting this one. I do not like technically inefficient games.

comp_ali2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Have you tried the PC demo. I played it and it is too good.

r1sh122671d ago

I tyotally agree with you.
I loved the 1st one, the detail, the control and gameplay were all amazing.
This one is quite terrible, i mean its as if they have tried to mix GTA IV with the old mafia and stick it in a wrong timeframe.
The game engine sucks so bad, I have to toggle free aiming and aiming down sight, rather than just pressing left trigger and holding it to keep aiming.
Its a terrible game.
I will not be buying this game, the demo was complete crap.

Kingsora2671d ago

I watched & played this @ GC also, I like it, can't wait for it! Thanks for the interview :)