Batman: Arkham City - List Reveals New Villains? Ever since this list hit the web there has been a lot of questions raised. For example: Who exactly is Luke Oliver? But after Paul Dini mentioned dropping "clues" about the sequel in Arkham Asylum, are now seeing it in a different light.

Is this list a clue to future villains Arkham City? Game Informer's recent release has confirmed that Two-Face & Catwoman are featured. Is this just the beginning of the list being complete?


Updated image to a much more clearer one. You can now make out every detail beside each name.

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NYC_Gamer3039d ago

the Riddler has always been my fav

HarryBarry3039d ago

Scarecrow for me, Riddler is a close second though!

LarVanian3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

So Penguin, Mad Hatter and Clayface (As a boss this time) will all possibly be in it? Cool.
Also I've no idea who Luke Oliver is. I have never seen or read about a Batman character by that name.
Heres a list of great Batman villains I'd love to see
-Deadshot (Rocksteady please put this guy in the game)
-Black Mask
-Ra's Al Ghul (My fav Batman villain ever)
-Red Hood

Sorry I'm kind of a comic-book nerd

HarryBarry3039d ago

Thalia Al Ghul (Ra's Al Ghul's Daughter) has been confirmed by the voice actress to be in the game. You can pretty much count on her father to make an appearance in my opinion.

Ca9ine3039d ago

That depends on time the storyline is set.
He's dead.

LarVanian3039d ago

In the comics Ra's was killed by his daughter Nyssa but came back to life later through his son.
In Arkham Asylum you see Ra's dead body covered up in an autopsy room. But if you leave the room and return, the body will have disappeared.

waltyftm3039d ago

I think that luke oliver is a cleve clue, Luke allover, look oliver, look allover ? Riddler for sure , it also an anagram of Evil rule ok.

Kingdom Come3039d ago

The Ventriloquist and Scarface, that would be both hilarious and Disturbing, seeing the insanity in the Ventriloquists actions. Due to the Easter Egg in the first game regarding "Rhas Al Ghuls" body vanishing, and with his daughter being in the game, I'm guessing he'll be present. It's like I said, my prediction for Talia's involvement in the plot is that she will have taken Rhas's body to resurrect using the lazarus Pit but Batman is trying to prevent it, whilst the Joker is also trying to use the pit to cure his sickness.