GameSpot: Call of Duty: Black Ops Updated Impressions

GameSpot writes: "The new demo of Call of Duty: Black Ops that Activision is showing here at Gamescom 2010 doesn't quite start off with a bang. In fact, it's more of that gurgling sound you hear when certain objects start sinking underwater. That's not a bad thing, because we're not talking in metaphors here--you literally start the level trapped inside a downed helicopter sinking to the bottom of the Huong River. It's a tense sequence that sees you making a desperate escape while swimming through murky water with more than a few dead bodies in it".

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Cevapi883013d ago

the problem i find with the CoD series recently is the same old cliche of USSR vs USA...communism vs democracy and so it really that hard to take the setting to africa or a conflict that takes place between a european country that isnt a former soviet republic

FantasyStar3013d ago

I do agree that originality is preferred at this point. However history is rich-full of stuff we never even knew about, or certain aspects of history that lends itself to greater parts of original settings: such as retro sci-fi history(Bioshock), alternative history (Resistance), what-if history (Turning Point), and most likely history from the antagonist PoV (Company of Heroes). We're running the well dry, but not to the point to whine about cliches' yet. Ya'know?

Mutant-Spud3013d ago (Edited 3013d ago )

You mean like a game where you play as Koeverts hunting ANC terrorists in Botswana in the 1980's?
Or as the Rhodesian Army, or the LRA, Al Shabbab or Muslim Brotherhood?
I don't think you really need to ask why the COD games are all about White people butchering Muslims or worse, each other.
If you don't get it maybe you need to spend less time gaming and more time reading up on ethnic conflict models, propaganda and indoctrination.
There's a reason these games look the way they do.
Remember how all the enemy grunts in Far Cry 2 had Boer accents?

xAlmostPro3013d ago

i cant wait for blackops :) then i can finally put down that pice of garbage mw2..

i reall;y do think treyarch have out done themselfs here, they've put alot of effort into stopping it being a mw2 copy n paste.. of course it 'looks' similar in ways because it has to or it wouldnt be cod.. but yeah theyve put alot of work into this and by the looks of it its paid of!..

i hope they allow swimming in multiplayer aswell lol imagine if there was a search and destroy bomb in a hut, sort of centre level surrounded by water.. or demolition even

Mutant-Spud3013d ago

Now THAT would be cool,especially on Hardcore.