Why gaming as a lifestyle might hinder you in "real life"

Here are some thoughts about having gaming as a lifestyle and the common problems that many gamers have. Although that it might not be considered a problem for many people, this is meant to point out what can happen.

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DoomeDx3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Unfortunatly for the most people,

this is the truth!
Have fun clicking the 'disagree' button
I know alot of people who used to be great guys, but after the next-gen consoles have been released, people stayed inside for almost the entire day.

People should get ousite more often!!

LordMarius3038d ago

Gaming should be a hobby not a lifestyle

DoomeDx3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

More & more people are getting fat nowadays because gaming is the only thing they are doing.

They eat, sleep & play.

EDIT: The disagree you have, was done by some gaming geek

@ a08andan, you are right, but people should atleast go outsite once a day for a walk or whatever. or go and do something with some friends.

Body-movement is important

a08andan3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Of course gaming can be a lifestyle. To play games with others, to talk about games with others, to enjoy games is no different than watching movies, football or something else. The only thing thats important is that you do things that you enjoy together with people you care about and get as much out of your life as you possibly can :)

@ wesley-dw: Yep. going outside automatically become a form of exercise and will give positive effects that will increase your gaming-experience :)

God_Of_Epicness3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Does gaming tirelessly everyday make you fat?

If you game a lot everyday, does that mean you don't do anything else but "eat, sleep and play"?
NO. You can still go out for dinner with your girlfriend and you can still hangout at your friend's place.

Should gaming be a lifestyle?
It is not your decision to choose. People live different lives. Everyone is different, and just because you don't like doing -insert hobby here- does not mean you should influence everyone around you.

A lot of things in life are bad for you. Not just gaming.

a08andan3037d ago

@ God_Of_Epicness : Hence the "MIGHT" in the title. It says nothing about the other stuff that you do in your life except what COULD happen if you don't exercise enough. The post is just meant to be a help for people who feel like they have a problem. It is not meant to criticize anyone.

I'm not trying to choose anything for anyone, I am just trying to help those who MIGHT have issues and point out what the cause MIGHT be.


SixZeroFour3037d ago

the thing with the word "might" in any sentence, is that you can usually rewrite the very same sentence except add a "not" right after "might" and it will still be technically true

Hideo_Kojima3037d ago

i am selling my ps3 and with all the new stuff coming out it makes me sad but its too big of a destructions for me.

longcat3037d ago

real life sucks - AI is horrible

boodybandit3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

"More & more people are getting fat nowadays because gaming is the only thing they are doing."

^Gaming is a problem for some but lifestyle in general is a problem for most. What pisses me off as a parent and tax payer is the education system all but removing physical education and after school activities because of the current economic problems in the U.S.

In the state/county I live I have to pay (to a certain extent) for my son to play football (he only has two coaches on staff and both are volunteers), track and wrestle. I also have to provide him a ride home because there are no after school transportation. Their gym is a joke and it is a brand new high school that cost us a bundle with increased taxes to help pay for it. America is getting fatter every year and it has more to do with this than anything. If we don't teach physical education in school how will they learn to live a healthy life and get their exercise?

Now they are talking about laying off 300k teachers in the U.S. and guess which are getting the cut first? Music, Gym, Health and Special Education teachers.

Back on topic:
Anything not done in moderation is unhealthy.

CameronL993037d ago

I love this article, absolutely fantastic advice, some of the best on the internet by far and away given how full of crap the internet is.
I think every gamer on the internet should read this. I have had sleep problems but I excersise like mad 6 days a week and have a pretty good diet, when I eat out I try to go for something healthy when its available, but I think the sleep problems are due not to gaming itself but also to WHEN you play games. If you play games right before sleeping your mind is still wide awake and cannot rest. The problem with this is that you won't get as rested as you usually do, thus you sleep long hours, sometimes 10 or more. It is the lack of resting of the brain that causes all those other problems, which is why sleep is so important.
You need to calm your brain down before sleep and doing things like videogames or watching TV does the opposite, it wakes you up. Try reading before bedtime or meditating, it will calm your mind and you'll wake up when you should.

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DoomeDx3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

@ A08andan: Exacly, Bubble up for understanding :)

NeutralGamer3037d ago

The reason I play video games all night is because I can't play it during the day... Even if I try to shut down the console I go do other things like watch TV or take a walk...

Job and alotta things are keeping me busy at days, so I gotta use the night to do the things I want...

I know alot of people feels this way...

Hideo_Kojima3037d ago

but sometimes even that can be bad...
i can sometimes play from 11 to 3-4 at night but the next day when i get up at 8 to go to college i just sleep in class.

or i play during the day and than i have to stay up all night to finish my work for college and when i go there i was sleep in class.

boodybandit3037d ago

moderation = good
too often = addiction = bad

^When I say anything I mean nearly anything and this is including exercise. Everything should be done in moderation.

boodybandit3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

This place really has a ton of freaking morons on here.
How in the hell could anyone disagree with what I wrote? It's a real shame this site has next to no moderation now and the lunatics are now in complete control of the asylum. Truly sad.

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a08andan3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Yeah I realize that I might get a lot of disagrees, but I sincerely hope that people understand that the whole point of this piece is to point out a few problems that people might not see as a cause to something they might feel or a problem they might have. It is not something against gaming and gamers. Not at all in anyway.

mushroomwig3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Sure, a lot of things can be bad for you if you do it too much, hell even water is bad for you if you drink too much.

It's called moderation, set yourself a time limit for gaming and obviously be careful what you eat. I don't see why an article is needed, it's common sense really.

a08andan3038d ago

Yepp. I do hope people realize that you won't have to reduce the time you are gaming because you exercise. The exercise will reduce the amount of sleep you need so it will only take time from your gaming initially so its definitely worth it for so many reasons.

Hideo_Kojima3037d ago

but the majority of people here over do it.

its as if we are addicted to drinking water so much that we even spend hours on the internet researching news about water.

if you care so much as to come here every day you probably are not moderating your time that well.

a08andan3038d ago

Yes it is obvious that its bad, but most people don't realize what the effects of this might be so thats why I try to enlighten people so that they get the most out of their lives :)

Halo_Reach3038d ago

I do all of that and im pretty fine... well that have to do with my genetic aswell.

dredgewalker3037d ago

I don't have that problem, I play airsoft on weekends and my work is quite physical so I won't go overweight anytime soon nor need a gym to keep fit.

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